Dean Speaks Out On His "Insensitive" IG Comment

Josh Vertucci/ABC

Dean's first impression for The Bachelorette didn't hit big with some viewers, and a recent Instagram joke about his infamous opening line has sparked familiar backlash. Dean apologized for an Instagram comment he posted on someone else's page ahead of the Men Tell All episode of the show on Monday night, and he recognized the post came across as "insensitive."

If you're just catching up on the drama, here's what happened: Over the weekend, an Instagram user reportedly shared a photo of herself with Dean alongside the caption, "Went black, but came back" — a reference to Dean's first meeting with Rachel on After The Final Rose, when he said, "I'm ready to go black and never come back." Some viewers weren't pleased with Dean's intro, but towards the beginning of the season, Rachel made clear that she thought his opening line was funny. Dean eventually became a fan favorite, making it to Rachel's final four before getting sent home.

The user's Instagram account is currently set to private, but screenshots of the exchange have circulated online, including a shot of Dean's comment. He wrote, "Lololol at the caption" with two "100" emojis.

Rachel commented on the photo herself and, being the queen of clap backs that she is, had the perfect response. "Sent back...he didn't come back lol," she allegedly commented, according to screenshots posted by the Twitter account BacheloretteBB Rants. (ABC had no comment on the veracity of the comment being attributed to Rachel.)

Then, ahead of his appearance on The Men Tell All Monday night, Dean returned to Instagram to apologize for his comment. "I would like to apologize for the other day when a caption and comment were posted that came across as insensitive. The last thing that was meant by any of that was to be disrespectful," he wrote.

Thus far, the reactions to his apology are mixed. "He's only human. We all make mistakes. Give him a break," commented one Instagram user on Dean's account. Another wasn't convinced: "Congratulations on the worst apology ever. 'I'm sorry if it came across as insensitive.' No, it was insensitive as f*ck. Also, your 'apology' was a side note. You can't make this sh*t up."

That Dean took the time to acknowledge his comment is being appreciated by some, but — much like with his opening line for Rachel — others aren't letting this one slide.