Dean's Dad's Job Is Far Removed From 'The Bachelorette' Star's Own Life, But He's Still Supportive Of His Father's Choices

Josh Vertucci/ABC

The hometown dates on The Bachelorette offer a chance for the contestants to show Rachel where they came from. Yet, Dean's anxiousness about the hometown dates shows that sometimes your parents aren't necessarily a representation of who you are. Despite them not being all that close, Dean's dad will appear on The Bachelorette during the July 17 episode when Rachel heads to Dean's hometown in Colorado. Dean's dad — whose name is Harold "Chip" Unglert, according to OK! Here Is the Situation — has already generated a lot of buzz, so what does Dean's dad do for his job? Although Dean hasn't discussed his father's profession on The Bachelorette yet, internet searches show that while he used to be in construction, he has gone down a new career path now — and his faith has a lot to do with it.

During the July 12 episode, Dean called his father "eccentric" when opening up to Rachel about why he was hesitant to bring her to his home in Colorado. In anticipation of the hometown dates, Dean took to Instagram to explain that his father follows the Sikh faith and his description of his dad as eccentric was not in reference to his religion. His post asked for people not to judge his father by his appearance or beliefs and preached religious and cultural tolerance for the Sikh community. If you are unfamiliar with Sikhism, Huffington Post reported in 2012 that it is the fifth largest religion in the world and was founded in the Punjab region in the 15th century.

Dean's dad's faith is extremely relevant to the life he leads now. But years ago, he worked in the construction and building industry. Dean's father was in the news when his home burned down in 2011. In one article about the fire, Aspen Times reporter Scott Condon wrote, "[Unglert] acknowledged that he has faced financial difficulties just like a lot of folks in the construction industry. Unglert works with tile and stone."

On the website, there's a listing for the company Harold Unglert Builders. This particular listing discusses the company's licensed painters, but according to Yelp, Harold Unglert Builders is now closed. What's interesting is another story about the 2011 fire discussed how Dean's dad was in a meditation class at the time of the fire and that's actually some foreshadowing of his profession now. But it seems a name change preceded his career change.

The Post Independent and Citizen Telegram shared a 2015 public notice for a petition for change of name by Harold Unglert to become Paramroop S. Khalsa. In a Google search of his new name, the website for the yoga studio Earth Oracle comes up since Paramroop Singh Khalsa is listed as an instructor for the studio, which focuses on teaching kundalini yoga.

Two different LinkedIn profiles also indicate that Dean's dad works at Earth Oracle since a profile for Chip Unglert states he is a yoga instructor there and another profile for Paramroop Khalsa states he is a "darma [sic] coach" there. (Dharma is an important concept in Sikhism, Hinduism, and Buddhism.) His bio on the Earth Oracle About Us page seems to confirm that he is Dean's father since it references his skills in tile and stonework, as well as noting his four children and his late wife Debra. (Dean has shared on Instagram that his mom's name was Debbie.) His bio states:

"Paramroop has lived in the valley for over 16 years with his family of 4 and late wife Debra. Paramroop is a master craftsmen of tile and stonework and ran Davinci Stone Works in Carbondale for 8 years. He helps organize morning Sadhana at the Studio. Currently a seva dar, he is in the process of becoming a teacher and offering his healing."

According to the website ThoughtCo, in Sikhism, a sevadar is a person who performs selfless service for his or her community, so it seems he has left the construction industry to devote his life to spiritual healing in the Sikh faith.

If you're interested in knowing more about what Paramroop Singh Khalsa believes in, he has a YouTube channel, which has videos of him interviewing other people with similar beliefs. So while the hometown dates are really about Rachel and Dean establishing a deeper connection, Bachelorette fans are sure to gain a little more insight into Dean's dad's life during the July 17 episode.