These Shimmer Eyeshadows Were Inspired By Your Favorite Internet Beauty Influencers

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

Your favorite beauty influencer could also be your next favorite eyeshadow. It sounds strange, but stick with me. Deck of Scarlet is an innovative makeup line and subscription service that pulls inspo from online beauty influencers when curating its palettes. Now, the brand is flipping the script and teaming up with 14 influencers for the Deck of Scarlet Eyeshadow Singles Collection. Once you get a look at this range of eyeshadows, you are going to want all of the foil finish shades. That's because they are universally wearable, pack some serious pigmentation, and velvety smooth.

The Deck of Scarlet solo shadows arrive on Wednesday, Nov. 15 for $12 a piece.

Influencer Melly Sanchez previously worked with the brand on its #04 Palette, viewing it as an extension of herself. That's why she jumped at the chance to collaborate on an a la carte shade, which is a bronzy copper.

"The Melly foil eyeshadow is beautiful and needless to say, one of my favorite shadows of all times," Sanchez tells Bustle. "The colors are so vibrant and the application is just flawless, which makes it not only great to show on my YouTube channel, but also easy for me to honestly speak to the products, because the camera doesn't lie."

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

Melly Single, $12, Deck of Scarlet

Sanchez touches on an important ethical point with her statement — that the most trusted beauty influencers get behind products they truly believe in and uses IRL. It's all about honesty when sharing quality cosmetics with their loyal legion of followers.

The vlogger was intimately involved in the process of making the shadow, saying, "With the new single foil collection, I knew that I would love the end result because I had been there testing, feeling, using the products and knew the outcome was going to be remarkable."

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

Amy-Rose Walker Single, $12, Deck of Scarlet

Amy-Rose Walker, whose foil finish single is a pretty pale pink hue, is also a "returning" influencer for Deck of Scarlet. She was the Artist in Chief for the #05 Palette. She tells Bustle that her experiences with DoS have allowed her to "fully understand how much work goes into creating color cosmetics," noting that beauty influencers try and review many different products, but don't often get a behind the scenes look.

She labels her shade "diverse" and suggests wearing it on its own or paired with others in the series. You can see the remaining dozen single serve shades below.

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

Stephanie Single, $12, Deck of Scarlet

Stephanie is a smoky, taupe-y violet, named after BabsBeauty. The shimmer is something else.

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

Lupe Single, $12, Deck of Scarlet

This flamed-out copper color is "Lupe," and it's named after Lupe Sujey Cuevas. Check out the depth of pigment in this collection.

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

Nikkia Joy Single, $12, Deck of Scarlet

The mermaid green x gray Nikkia shade is linked to influencer Nikkia Joy.

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

Raven Elyse Single, $12, Deck of Scarlet

Raven is actually a gold shade, despite having a name so closely associated with black. It's tied to influencer Raven Elyse.

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

Isabel Single, $12, Deck of Scarlet

This golden chartreuse accent shde is Isabel, and is inspired by Isabel Bedoya aka Isabel Starrrr.

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

Caitlyn Single, $12, Deck of Scarlet

Crimson Caitlyn is red hot, and its muse is Cait Marks.

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

Masha Single, $12, Deck of Scarlet

The beautiful burgundy Masha is an extra special single, as it's named after Mariya Nurislamova. She's the co-founder of Deck of Scarlet.

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

Kim Single, $12, Deck of Scarlet

This show-stopping, burnt rose shadow called Kim takes its name and inspo from the amazing Kim Thai.

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

Kelly Single, $12, Deck of Scarlet

Kelly is a metallic gold highlight hue that shares its moniker with Kelly Strack.

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

Evon Single, $12, Deck of Scarlet

The quartz-hued Evon is linked to influencer Evon Wehab.

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

Kasey Single, $12, Deck of Scarlet

Kasey is a granite, shade and was inspired by Still Glamorus aka Kasey.

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

Sande Single, $12, Deck of Scarlet

Lastly, those bold blue is christened "Sande," and is named after The Socialite Life Sande.

Deck of Scarlet is offering bundle purchase discounts so you can collect the entire set. After all, it's definitely too hard to pick and choose.