Someone Invented “Dessert Hummus” & It Comes In 4 Ridiculously Delicious Flavors

Well, I personally never thought I'd be typing the words "dessert" and "hummus" so close to each other, but here we are, humans of 2018. In what might be among the most unexpected food combos of the year (still recovering from the Olive Garden meatball pizza bowl, TBH), one company has boldly gone were no company has gone before — namely, Delighted By Hummus's "Dessert Hummus" that comes in not one, not two, but four different flavors that will make you drool.

But first — how, exactly, does one designate a type of hummus as "dessert"? The spread is still made from chickpeas, but as the product's website explains, the garlic and lemon staples have been replaced with cinnamon and vanilla, and olive oil with coconut oil. All of the flavors are certified gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan, too, so you finally have something safe to take to the office party.

And with the flavor selection, they're guaranteed to be a hit. The one that has been making the biggest splash online after being featured in an INSIDER post is the Brownie Batter flavor, which I happened to try a few weeks back; it's rich and chocolate-y and perfect for dipping fruit. The texture is genuinely like hummus, with a sweet melt-in-your-mouth quality that is only confusing for the first second or two before you lean into it.

Delighted By Hummus

Aside from the famous Brownie Batter, the company offers three other flavors, along with pairing suggestions — y'know, for all those, uh, parties you're totally gonna throw, and not for eating alone on a Monday night watching The Bachelor with a spoonful of hummus feelings.

Choc-O Mint

While this definitely falls under the category of "straight from the jar," the website suggests putting it on top of ice cream or rice cakes — I personally have every intention of piling it on top of a stack of Thin Mints, for the sake of science.


The website suggests pairing this flavor with "apple slices, cinnamon pita chips, or simply by the spoonful" — the latter of which is my personal brand.

Vanilla Bean

For this flavor, the website suggests mixing it with chocolate chips or using it as a frosting for your cupcakes; I'm personally digging this fig idea above. My summer picnics are about to get classy as all heck.

If these hummuses seem vaguely familiar to you, it's for good reason: according to INSIDER, in 2017, the line and its creator Mackenzie Marzluff were featured on an episode of NBC's Shark Tank. On Delighted By Hummus's website, she explains that her goal "lies in creating high-vibrational foods infused with frequencies of love, abundance, compassion [and] service," and that the company's mission is to "inspire people to spread their glitter. In other words, to be the light they are out in the world."

The dessert hummus certainly has created a sense of community online — the company's Instagram is chock full of regrams from happy customers showing off how their own spins on the new dessert, from incorporating them into waffles to fruit bowls to even avocado toast (I s'pose you can't knock it until you try it). Their website also includes a whole slew of recipe ideas, in case you're looking for #inspo — I'm personally this close to looking into getting a blender to try out the "breakfast smoothie" and live out my dreams of having chocolate for every meal.

If you're wondering where to get your hands on these, luckily the website has a store locator to help you out. If there aren't any nearby, you can also order online through Vegan Essentials. Fingers crossed for even more delicious flavors to come!