'BiP' Fans Think Demi & Kristian Should Leave Paradise Now That They've Found Love

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Demi's adorable reunion with Kristian on Tuesday night's Bachelor in Paradise had all of Bachelor Nation swooning. But after the Texan decided to end things with Derek and continue pursuing her previous relationship, Twitter was left a little confused as to why, exactly, Demi and Kristian are staying on BiP. Couldn't they just return to their lives at home together? Kristian isn't from the franchise, which makes her staying on the show a little weird. Plus, the point of Paradise is to date around until you find the strongest connection. If Demi and Kristian already know they want to be together, couldn't they just skip ahead and leave?

Nonetheless, the two are already settling into the usual ebb and flow of BiP. The couple even got one of the highly coveted date cards, enjoying a romantic, candlelit dinner where they once again shared how committed they are to one another. While on the date, Demi explained that she has always been scared of commitment, and so she took the opportunity to come to Paradise because of that fear. However, seeing Kristian again confirmed that she wants to be with her, and so it seems like Demi asked her to stay with her on the beach in order to prove to the world that this is the person she wants to be in a relationship with.

But touching as it may be, some fans are a little confused as to why they're planning to stay on a show all about looking for love when they've already found it.

The basic premise of Bachelor in Paradise is that a rotating cast of singles who failed to find love with the Bachelor or Bachelorette get another chance at romance on a gorgeous, tropical beach in Mexico. While the show has plenty of couples who find love right away and stay together the whole time, it's never brought in someone outside of Bachelor Nation who is already in a relationship with one of the contestants. It's not a surprise, then, that a few diehard fans of the franchise are wary about this new dynamic and how it might complicate things for the rest of the cast.

However, considering Demi and Kristian's relationship isn't something Bachelor Nation has seen before, it seems only right that producers are willing to bend the rules a little bit for the happy couple. This is the first same-gender relationship in the Bachelor franchise, and it seems as if Bachelor Nation wants to celebrate that love in whatever way they can.

"I'm proud of everything we did," Chris Harrison told The Ringer's Bachelor Party podcast in July about the "long overdue" romance. "I stand behind everything we did 100 percent. I stand behind Demi 100 percent, and the young lady that she has in her life. I'm proud of her. I love her, and I will always have her back 110 percent."

It's definitely an unconventional choice to bring Kristian to Paradise so she can be with Demi, but it seems like everyone on the show is more than happy to support them and share their love with the world.