Demi Lovato Is Also Super Fed Up With Luke P. On 'The Bachelorette'

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hannah B. may somehow being falling for Luke P.'s charms (or lack thereof) on The Bachelorette, but there's one celebrity fan of the show who is more than ready to see this guy pack his bags and remove his toxic personality from the premises. In a series of Instagram stories that were posted on Monday night, Demi Lovato commented on Luke P.'s behavior on The Bachelorette and her sentiments echo how all of us are feeling at this point: this guy needs to go. Needless to say, she's just as fed up with him as the rest of the world and she had no qualms making her feelings known to the public.

As per usual, the episode centered mostly around Luke P. and how he became jealous over the fact that Garrett and Hannah participated in naked bungee jumping on their one-on-one date. At first he thought Garrett was lying, but when Hannah herself admitted to it during the group date this week, Luke felt obligated to share his disappointment that she would do something like that. (You know, because that's something he should really have a say about.)

Lovato not only made several groans at the television over his behavior, but she also cheered Hannah on as she called Luke out on his remarks and stood up for herself.

Demi Lovato/Instagram

“I told you that it was not a sexual thing,” Hannah told Luke prior to Monday night's elimination ceremony, in regards to the naked bungee jumping date. “But even if it was, at this point it doesn’t matter, because you’re not my husband. You don’t own my body. You don’t own me. It’s my body.” As you can imagine, Luke started backpedaling big time and tried to make it seem like she had simply misinterpreted his comments rather than just coming out and apologizing for his controlling remarks.

Lovato wasn't falling for it, though, and completely respected Hannah's decision to stand up for herself, even going so far as to tag the Bachelorette in her story to further praise her strength.

Another moment in the evening that the singer was definitely looking forward to was teased in several of the promos and showed Garrett telling Luke P. "sweet dreams." Lovato made sure to capture the dramatic moment on Instagram, treating it like the ultimate mic drop that it was.

Demi Lovato/Instagram

Unfortunately, Lovato (much like the rest of us) suspected that Luke P. would still somehow manage to talk himself into receiving another rose, which means he'll be hanging around for at least one week, if not more. Typically, the person creating most of the drama in the house is usually kicked out by this point, but it seems Hannah feels a connection with him that she simply isn't ready to part with just yet.

Lovato's posts and stories make it clear that she's more than ready to witness his elimination, especially given some of the other strong candidates still around (looking at you, Mike and Tyler C.). In the end, Hannah needs to do what's right for her, even if it means the rest of us have to put up with Luke more than any of us would like. At least Lovato's on-going commentary makes the process a little more bearable.