Demi's "Fantasy Closet" On 'The Bachelor' Cemented Her Role As The Villain This Season

by Nicole Pomarico

Stealing Colton Underwood away during cocktail parties has already been a theme on The Bachelor this season, but Monday night's episode took things up a notch — and it ended up dialing up the drama, too. When Demi took Colton to her "Fantasy Closet" on The Bachelor, she seriously upset Tracy and stirred things up among the other women, so was it really worth it to snag a few extra minutes one-on-one with him?

Starting in the beginning of the episode — from the very first group date of the season — Demi was already making more enemies than friends. Between the kiss she stole in front of everyone to grabbing the date rose even though Colton hadn't given it to her, Demi was rubbing everyone the wrong way. And unfortunately, her behavior during the cocktail party only made things worse.

At first, it would have seemed like Catherine would be this season's villain; she interrupted Colton's conversations with other women no less than four times. But now, the scales seem to be tipping toward Demi, and the Fantasy Closet seems to have been the last straw (especially for Tracy, who seemed like she couldn't possibly be more furious with her).

As soon as Demi showed up at the cocktail party in a robe — you know, instead of a sparkly cocktail dress like the ones that everyone else usually wears to these things — everyone started buzzing about it, and it got even worse when she interrupted Tracy's chat with Colton to pull him upstairs into a room, shutting the door behind them. While it may have seemed like she was up to something salacious, she actually just wanted to give him a massage.

Colton seemed to appreciate it and they had a few laughs, but by the time they were done in the closet, it was very apparent that everyone's blood was boiling a little bit... but no one's more than Tracy's. Demi picked up on it and pulled her aside to let her know what an amazing woman she thinks she is, but Tracy didn't seem to be buying it. There definitely seems to be potential for a huge feud brewing here, especially if Demi continues to pull out all the stops to capture Colton's attention.

It doesn't seem like Demi's intentionally trying to upset anyone, though — just that she wants to make a lasting impression on Colton. Because of that, it's hard to say if she's going to end up being the true villain of the season. Two episodes in, it's a little too early to tell, and truly anything could happen at this point. After all, this is The Bachelor we're talking about.

If nothing else, Demi seems primed to help create some great television for Bachelor fans this season — as long as Colton keeps giving her roses, that is. For this week, she's safe, so it'll be interesting to see what her next stunt might be when Monday rolls around again.