Denim Nail Art Is Taking Over Instagram & It's Amazing

by James Hale

There are few things that scream pure summer more than denim. Denim is the quintessential ingredient for looks from stretchy, backyard-barbecue cutoffs to boot-cut horseback riders' jeans, and now Instagrammers have found a way to bring denim to manicures. That's right: Denim nail art is taking over Instagram, and it's amazing.

Denim nails aren't totally new — there are tons of tutorials on YouTube — but Instagram has picked up on it just in time for the Fourth of July, aka possibly America's most denim-ful holiday of the year.

Like every Instagram trend, denim nails are getting the full treatment from talented 'grammers, who are posting variations that include everything from these ripped denim looks to these delicately beautiful floral-and-denim combinations. Some nail artists are posting hyper-realistic takes on this trend that make those of us who can barely paint a simple base coat without smearing it everywhere (not naming names, but one starts with "M" and ends with "E") ridiculously jealous.

While any YouTube tutorial will show you there are countless unique ways to create this trend if you don't want to go to a manicurist, there are some DIY tricks you can use to put your very own twist on this fad.

Check out these Instagram snaps below for inspiration.

nailicorn's beautiful take blends so many elements it's impossible not to love.' variation uses Nail Inc. London Denim Effect polish, which, while it unfortunately seems to be unavailable, is a great DIY solution, much like this Sally Hansen Distressed Denim Crackle Coat, which is currently available for about $11.

If you'd rather not use pre-made polishes and effects to achieve this look, Allure offered a look at how it's done from nail artist Miss Pop.

"Miss Pop started off by painting Michelle's nails with a dark blue nail polish," said Allure writer Devon Abelman. "Then, she stippled a light blue shade over it to mimic the faded texture of blue jeans. To really make the nail art look like your favorite pair of jeans, Miss Pop drew on rips and frays with white nail polish."

No matter what you use to create this look, one thing is for certain: Like denim, this trend will never go out of style.