You Can Buy All Your Favorite '90s Candies As "Dessert Toppers" Now

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Walmart, remixed by Bustle
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When it comes to ice cream, it's all about the toppings. Yes, plain ice cream is sublime, but it's those hunks of cookie dough, that brownie batter, the candy, the sauce — those are the things that really take it to the next level. There's nothing quite like that sweet, sweet ice cream sundae vibe from your childhood. But now, it's even easier to bring the ice cream sundae parlor to you, with new Dessert Toppers, designed to make your humble bowl of vanilla or chocolate all the more magical.

What are Dessert Toppers? Think of some of your favorite '90s candies, but broken down into little pieces just waiting to make your ice cream epic. Available in three flavors from Walmart, these little bags of joy retail for just $2.48, with double-sized two packs available for $4.81. Could you just break down your favorite candy bar with a hammer and smother your ice cream with the remains? Of course — but I don't want any extra step between me and a bowl of ice cream. Use the Dessert Toppers separately for a purist's approach, or go all in and mix up the different flavors like a kid who's been allowed to have breakfast for dinner. Each and every one of the three options currently available definitely pack a lot of flavor.


Nerds Dessert Toppers

Nerds are probably the most obvious Dessert Topper option, because they're already tiny. Those sweet, tangy little balls of flavor can add a burst of sugar along with a super satisfying crunch. Plus, they add a whole lot of color to your bowl of ice cream, all while being way more exciting than traditional rainbow sprinkles. If you like a little tang, then Nerds are the way forward.


Butterfinger Bits Dessert Toppers

This variety is currently out of stock online — because, you know, the undeniable power of peanut butter — but keep an eye to see when they return or look for them in store. The crunchy, chocolatey sweetness of a Butterfinger has a lot to offer and can definitely take the taste and texture of your ice cream to the next level. This is the one I'll have my eye out for, because you can never have too much peanut butter or too much chocolate on anything. That is a fact of science.


Buncha Crunch Dessert Toppers

If you already love Buncha Crunch — the bite-sized versions of the classic Crunch bar — then these even tinier versions are ready to make your ice cream something completely different. If you're all about the texture, nothing adds bite quite like a Crunch bar, plus you get a hit of milk chocolate coating. Personally, I'd let my ice cream melt a little and mix these throughout — but then I take my desserts very seriously.

These three Dessert Toppers are a little bit of a choose-your-own-adventure situation — make your bowl of ice cream as wild as you can imagine or stick with a classic flavor combination. But anything that makes my house more like an ice cream sundae parlor is a win in my book, so bring them on.

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