Determining Which Producer Filed The 'BiP' Complaint Isn't What Matters

Craig Sjodin/ABC

Following allegations of sexual misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise, part 2 of an E! interview with contestant DeMario Jackson alleged that one of the producers who filed the complaint is friends with Corinne Olympios. Jackson also alleged the producer in question was not actually present to watch the tape, but overheard news of the "hook-up" and lodged an investigation into the matter. Yet despite the fact that DeMario feels he has become part of a “conspiracy” of sorts, the producer who came forward — whoever he or she is — what matters is that they spoke up when they thought something might be wrong.

Of course, Warner Bros. investigated the alleged misconduct that halted production on June 12 and found no wrongdoing. Earlier, numerous sources reported that an allegedly non consensual sexual incident between Olympios and Jackson. BiP will now resume filming.

Jackson has repeatedly denied that Olympios was too drunk to consent. Olympios herself issued a statement claiming she was too drunk to consent to sexual activity with Jackson, and her lawyer released a statement confirming that they would continue investigating on their own. Even though Warner Bros. investigation found no evidence of misconduct.

In the intense sit down with E! on June 27, Jackson stated his belief that the entire incident felt like a set up from the moment he entered the BIP house in Mexico. He claimed, “It goes back to the very beginning when she came up to me, hopped in my arms, led me to the pool. It's like a movie… by now I'm realizing I got played.”

Jackson detailed the alleged events that led up to the supposed moment in question. He claimed of his initial encounter with Olympios,

Our first real conversation was at the bar. We were complimenting each other on being villains. I was like, ‘Look, I've accepted this role. In real life, I hang out with my grandmother on weekends. But you remember the villains.’ We were just kind of laughing, ‘Oh we're about to dominate Paradise,’ like homie stuff. Then, we had a few drinks. And then she hops in my arms and starts making out with me.

Bustle reached out to Olympios for comment on these new allegations but did not immediately hear back.

But regardless of Jackson’s feelings surrounding the matter, or who came on to whom, safety should always come first, especially when alcohol is in the mix and consent can be misunderstood.

The silver lining of the scandal is that BiP is making a few positive changes. Moving forward, all contestants will allegedly have to consult with a producer before he or she has sex with another contestant, and according to TMZ there will supposedly be a restriction on alcohol consumption. This is an extremely positive step towards a safer set. And that's more important than revealing the whistle blowing producer.