'Detroiters' Season 2 Won’t Premiere Until 2018, But There's Plenty Of Fresh Comedy To Watch While You Wait

Comedy Central

The Comedy Central original sitcom Detroiters takes former Saturday Night Live cast member Tim Robinson and recurring Veep actor Sam Richardson and pairs them as two best friends whose stupidity and charm are on display in equal measure throughout the first season. You can expect more of that, because Variety reported in late March that the network officially renewed Detroiters for a second season. The finale airs April 11, so fans probably want to know when Detroiters will return for Season 2. Despite the early decision, the Variety piece states that new episodes of the comedy aren't going to air until 2018.

According to Deadline, Detroiters will begin filming Season 2 in June 2017. And that's good, because the continuation of this series might just have a positive impact on humanity. "Sam and Tim’s sweet, goofy friendship is so infectious, we’ve noticed people being nicer to each other," Comedy Central president Kent Alterman joked to Deadline. He appeared to make reference to the country's political situation when he suggested that the second season might move the setting to Washington D.C. so the guys could have some influence there.

While you're waiting for Detroiters to come back, don't resign yourself to spending a year without laughs. Instead, check out some of the many comedies that will be airing this spring and summer.

Archer: Dreamland

FXX on YouTube

The show has transitioned from an irreverent spy comedy to an irreverent take on noir. Even after adopting a more cinematic, serious style, Archer is still incredibly funny.

Rick & Morty


One standalone episode of Rick & Morty debuted on April Fool's Day 2017, without any advance warning. Fans of the series had their minds blown by yet another twisty, trope-defying episode where the characters are splattered with brains, travel through space and time, and manage to reset the premise.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Netflix US & Canada on YouTube

The third season of this Netflix-distributed series is due on May 19. Aside from Titus continuing to be one of the best characters on TV, the premise of the season hasn't been revealed yet. But I hope the show will reach new comedic heights.


Amazon Video on YouTube

A married couple that's as dysfunctional and hilarious as any pair of BFFs, Rob and Sharon look like they'll still be dealing with marital strife in Season 3 of their sitcom.

Master Of None

Netflix US & Canada on YouTube

The first season was limited to Dev's New York City neighborhood and his romantic struggles, but it looks like the second season of Master Of None has taken as much inspiration from Fellini and the French New Wave as Louie. The new direction looks beautiful, even though the lack of dialogue in the first trailer doesn't give away any of the season's jokes.

Broad City

Two more best friends and another Comedy Central hit. The latest season of Broad City was pushed back from its usual late winter/early spring debut to the summer. But it should be worth the wait, because hearing these two characters' takes on the post-election landscape will surely bring some humor to the situation.

New comedy is coming your way this spring and summer, so you won't be short on laughs while you're waiting for more Detroiters.