Diamond Nail Art Is The Best Festive Mani

If you have every intention to shine like a disco ball this New Year's Eve, then may we steer your attention towards the new diamond nail art trend that's taking over Instagram. The last day of the year is heavy with tinsel, sequins, and any kind of metallic you can get your hands on, so why leave your digits out when it comes to dazzling them with shimmer?

But instead of going the usual route and painting them gold or silver, try getting a little creative and opting for diamond nail art. The end result is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and the extra detail will help you add some more glamour to your party outfit. You can easily ask for the design at a nail salon, but you can also DIY it at home if you want to get creative at the kitchen table. While they might look super complex at a glance, the application can be relatively easy.

"Likely, the technique for the diamond design is similar to the glass manicure in that holographic foils are cut and pasted onto tips," Popsugar explained. You can simply buy some holographic foils from the craft store, cut them into small pieces, and stick them onto a layer of wet clear paint.

Or if you don't want to mess around with scissors, Teen Vogue has an even easier suggestion. "And, for an even easier take on the trend, you can always pair a holographic lacquer with a flake-finish topcoat," Teen Vogue recommended.

Whether you want to go the flake-finish topcoat route or try to cut out some diamond patterns on your own, it's all totally doable. Below are some products that can help you achieve that look and shine bright on New Year's Eve.

1. Holographic Foil

BMC 6 Sheet Clear Holographic Nail Art Foil Strips, $10, Amazon

If you want to try and create the diamond-like grooves for your nails, use this holographic foil to cut out the small pieces.

2. Iridescent Craft Tape

Iridescent Craft Tape, $7, Etsy

You can also achieve the same look by cutting out your facets from iridescent craft tape instead of foil. It might be easier to work with since it already has a sticky back!

3. Hologram Nail Polish

Hologram Nail Polish, $10, Urban Outfitters

If you would rather create your nail art by using polish rather than foils and tape, then try giving it a multi-faceted look by using hologram nail polish. That way you don't just have a silver base color, but a silver one with rainbow hues, just like a real diamond.

4. Flake-Finish Top Coat

Essie Sparkle On Top, $9, Amazon

In order to create that diamond illusion, try putting on this special-effects polish on top of your hologram base coat for a gem-like look.

5. Stick-On-Nails

Denim Blue Holo Nails, $22, Etsy

If you'd like to skip a couple of steps, you can also buy stick-on nails that are already hologram painted, meaning all you'd have to do is swipe on a flake finish topcoat on top.

Try out this look at home and bring the glamour on New Year's Eve — you won't regret you tried it!

Images: Etsy (2); Essie (1); Urban Outfitters (1); Walmart (1)