Could Ariana Grande Have Even More Perfume On The Way?

by Augusta Statz
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This singer has been absolutely slaying her Dangerous Woman Tour, and she doesn’t seem to have plans to slow down anytime soon. As if she wasn’t busy enough, she just teased yet another project she’s working on. Because yeah, she’s a woman on a mission for world domination. Is Ariana Grande releasing new perfume? The latest Instagram tease could be a clue.

She posted a picture to her Instagram stories and sent fans reeling. The photo shows two little bottles with the caption “hmmmmm….” So, it’s safe to say she’s got something up her sleeve! This little tease was enough to get the Internet talking, and most folks on Twitter think she’s teasing more perfume products, but it could also be something like nail polish with packaging like this, people are also pointing out.

This wouldn’t be the first spray she’s put out, either. Her ARI by Ariana Grande product is available for purchase now and is said to smell like “sparkling fruits and an ultra-feminine floralcy, passionately spun with musks, woods, and an addictive hint of marshmallow.” She's also responsible for the fragrance Sweet Like Candy, so clearly, she's into the sweet-smelling thing. Fans seem to be down for the idea of even more Grande-approved scents in their life, so here’s to hoping she’s creating yet another way to take your spritz game to the next level!

The ARI on that label looks very familiar!

Fans are using their best detective skills to decode this post.

People are getting a little too excited for this potential news.

What could this be? Most people are leaning towards perfume.

But of course, folks are dying to know more!

Whatever these products are... Arianators are fully prepared to add them to their personal collections. Because not matter what these are/what they smell like, Grande does no wrong!

Courtesy Ulta Beauty

ARI by Ariana Grande, $49, Ulta Beauty

I'm sure she'll give all of the details in time, but until then, you can rack up on her existing scents if you're in the mood for Grande-created perfume.

Courtesy Ulta Beauty

Sweet Like Candy, $49, Ulta Beauty

Not only is she the master at candy-like sprays, she's also got a knack for super adorable packaging.

Could additional Grande-designed beauty items be on the way? Only time will tell! But, fingers crossed the answer is "Yes!"