Bonnie Could Be A Murderer On 'HTGAWM'

Richard Cartwright/ABC

If you’re a How To Get Away With Murder fan, you know that Frank is the wild card, the loose screw in the bunch. He could pass you by, but he could also kill you, like he did with Lila (but not with Rebecca). Frank recently made a false confession about killing Wes to the detectives that are holding Annalise in prison, but they are not so sure (and I’m not either) that he had anything to do with it. I have a new theory — did Bonnie kill Wes on How To Get Away With Murder?

Let’s not pretend like she hasn’t done it before — she was the one responsible for killing Rebecca in Annalise’s basement way back in Season 1. Bonnie has a darker side than people give her credit for. Sure, she looks polished and tidy, but man, will she suffocate you to death if you piss her off, and especially if she thinks that you will hurt her beloved Annalise Keating. Frank told Bonnie that Wes knew that Rebecca was dead, and not that she ran away, and Frank asked Bonnie if she wanted him to do anything about it. Bonnie answered basically with a “not yet,” which means that Bonnie is in battle mode. When Bonnie is in battle mode, you don’t want to get in her way. Perhaps Wes did, and that’s why he’s sitting in a drawer in the county morgue.

It could also be the reason why Bonnie is so driven to get Annalise out of jail, even if it means getting Frank stuck in there instead. Bonnie wouldn’t want Annalise to go to jail for Bonnie’s own crimes — Annalise has done so much for Bonnie, allegedly — and so Bonnie has taken it upon herself to #FreeAnnalise. Except it’s not going so well, and Frank is now a co-conspirator, and not the main suspect in Wes’ murder. Bonnie is bungling this case, and it could be because she killed Wes in the first place.