Did Connor Kill Wes On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? He Tried To Revive Him

Richard Cartwright/ABC

The latter half of the season of How To Get Away With Murder has focused solely on who killed Wes Gibbons, and one by one, the dominos are falling. We’re being made to think that it was Annalise herself who was responsible for Wes’ death, and then there’s a bit of Frank thrown in there, too. But what if we’re not looking in the right place? Did Connor kill Wes on How To Get Away With Murder?

Besides the fact that Connor was shown administering CPR to a very dead Wes in Annalise’s basement, this theory actually makes sense to me. Connor was the one person who really didn’t mourn hard when Wes died. I know that people have their own ways of dealing with grief, but Connor was so cold, I thought it was Narnia. He also has been very nonchalant when it comes to Oliver erasing Annalise’s phone, as if that was a normal thing to ask. Oh, and he totally lied to Oliver about getting a voicemail from Annalise on the very night that Wes was murdered. Talk about a smoking gun – if Connor had nothing to hide, why would he lie about listening to the voicemail that night? What did Annalise even say to him?

Oliver did the research, and now, Connor is caught in a lie. With the finale of How To Get Away With Murder upon us, I’m betting that the rest of Connor’s night will soon be common knowledge, and the other remaining members of the Keating Five are going to be shocked when they find out how close Connor was to the moment that Wes died. Whether Connor killed Wes or not, he was with his unconscious body, and he certainly has some hardcore explaining to do.