JAY-Z Didn't Diss The Kardashians On '4:44'

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

JAY-Z's thirteenth studio album is finally here, and he totally delivered. Of course, with all of the hype surrounding the album, trolls wasted no time trying to get drama started. Rumors that JAY-Z dissed the Kardashians on 4:44 are making their rounds all over social media. And the fake lyrics that started the rumors prove that you can't trust everything you read.

You may remember that Kanye West reportedly threw shots at JAY-Z, making all of us wonder exactly why the Yeezus rapper got mad at the Carter family in the first place. In interviews and concert stages, Kanye made it known that he and the hip hop mogul aren't as tight as they once were. The exact root of their issues aren't exactly clear, but pitting Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé against each other expectedly came with the territory. It doesn't matter that the two stars are in totally different arenas, or that neither of them seem to have a problem with the other's existence. They're both wives of men in a very ego-driven industry, and fans of celebrities sharing their two cents on the situation and spilling all the tea only made matters worse.

But the issue is that none of the songs on JAY-Z's 4:44 album drop this Kardashian diss. Not that that stopped the internet from spreading the faux lyrics like wild fire:

As fans took to Tidal to get their 4:44 fix, they noticed that the alleged Kardashian diss was all a hoax. It took multiple album listens, but ,once fans combed through all of the lyrics, they didn't find this supposed clapback anywhere.

That's right, it's all a bunch of fake news. JAY-Z may have dissed quite a few folks throughout the studio album, but the Kardashian empire was not one of them. So, slow down with reposting those silly lyrical memes. Or, you know... stop all together.