J.P.'s Identity Is Revealed On 'Jane The Virgin'

The CW

Why, oh why, was I so foolish as to not suspect the new guy of being Scott's murderer on Jane the Virgin? That's what the May 1 episode has me lamenting about since Chuck is J.P. on Jane the Virgin. While I thought I was so clever to think that the name J.P. written in Scott's burn book could have been referring to Jane and Petra, Anezka reveals in "Chapter 61" that J.P. was her and Scott's nickname for Chuck Chesser and it stands for "Jerky Pants." (Cause, why wouldn't it? The man loves his jerky of the gators!) Based on Petra's actual true account of what happened the night that Scott died, Chuck is now the number one suspect in Scott's murder — and unfortunately, he currently has Petra totally fooled and under his control.

Remember the last time Petra took a little road trip? It was back in Season 1 when she was abducted by Roman Zazo and taken to the Everglades. Well, history seems to be repeating itself slightly now that she's in the car headed presumably to Pensacola with Chuck to find J.P. since she doesn't know that Chuck is actually the mysterious man from Scott's book. Where's Michael when you need him?! (Too soon? Considering the pain it caused me to write that, most definitely too soon.)

While you could have been occupied by Rafael's looks of longing toward Petra and Chuck's growing jealousy, it was all a distraction from the fact that Chuck is a threat to Petra. Petra has been incredibly honest with Chuck, as she admitted to moving Scott's corpse onto his hotel's property — and somehow even then the police didn't suspect that Chuck was the murderer. But with only three episodes left in Jane the Virgin Season 3, it seems like Chuck is most likely the killer and Scott's murder investigation can finally be put to rest.

Robert Voets/The CW

With that being said, I do completely expect Jane the Virgin to have a couple more tricks up its sleeve about the twisted affairs between Petra, Anezka, Chuck, and Scott. Actually, I'm weirdly still pulling for Scott to somehow be magically alive, but that's because I think the hilarious Anezka deserves a happy ending. But at this point, Chuck is most likely a murderer and Petra is in danger, so maybe Rafael's feelings for Petra just may come in handy after all if he decides to go to Pensacola to search for her.

And if not, at least Dennis of the Miami PD knows he needs to be looking for old "Jerky Pants."