Is Petra Up To Her Old Ways On 'Jane The Virgin'?

Robert Voets/The CW

Although Jane the Virgin has jumped three years into the future, some things never change. The characters may have advanced in many ways, but the telenovela twists are still very much intact. For example, Scott's body was found on Jane the Virgin during the final moments of "Chapter 55" on Feb. 13 and it brought back the intrigue that fans have come to expect from The CW series. And while Petra's character in particular has matured significantly, Scott's corpse being dug up on the Marbella property makes it seem like Petra might have killed Scott on Jane the Virgin. Even the future can't keep the drama of Jane the Virgin at bay!

When Petra admitted to Rafael that she was having hate sex with Chuck, the owner of the hotel next door to the Marbella, her ex amusingly noted how it wasn't as bad as when he thought Petra was sleeping with Scott. Rafael then innocently asked Petra whatever happened to Scott and she definitely got shifty. While Petra is now a champion mother and business owner as her daughters are thriving and she rebranded the Marbella to make it a kid-friendly destination, she showed that the old Petra isn't completely gone. She's sleeping with her nemesis Chuck and using blackmail to keep power, so is there a chance that she also had something to do with Scott's body being buried in the sand at the Marbella?

Michael Desmond/The CW

Along with marrying Petra's identical twin sister Anezka, Scott was last shown using the addendum to Emilio Solano's will as a way to manipulate Petra. That would certainly give Petra the motive to kill Scott, but I don't think it's going to end up being as simple as all that. If Petra did have anything to do with Scott being dug up during the kid's treasure hunt at the Marbella (with all of the death surrounding the Marbella, why would you try to make it the next Disney World?!?), I have a sneaking suspicion that Anezka is also involved.

Despite Anezka and Petra's really messed up relationship, they are sisters. And if Scott was as shady as he always was before he started sleeping with Anezka, then he could have infuriated his wife. Plus, considering how decomposed Scott's body was, it wasn't like he was killed yesterday, so flashbacks might show how Anezka and Petra were involved in Scott's death (if that decaying body was even Scott's).

After Michael's death on Jane the Virgin, Petra being involved in suspenseful murder plots is actually comforting familiar. And although three years is a lot of time for character development, some tigers can't change their stripes. So, Petra is certainly keeping a secret about Scott on Jane the Virgin, but what that exactly is might take some time to be revealed.