Did Justin Timberlake Lip Sync At The Oscars? He Certainly Got The Crowd Moving

To kick off the very beginning of Hollywood's biggest night, Justin Timberlake sang "Can't Stop the Feeling" to a crowd of the industry's biggest names. And while it's clear he certainly got the crowd going — actors from Nicole Kidman to Andrew Garfield were grooving in their seats — it does beg the question: did Justin Timblerlake lip sync during the 2017 Oscars? Let's investigate.

Even for a seasoned performer like Timberlake the task of performing at a show as widely-watched as the Academy Awards is an extremely high pressure moment. Lip-syncing can often be seen as a major offense in the musical community, but can we really blame him if he were to pre-record a track for the big night? Sure, it's always encouraging to know your favorite artists are actually singing the songs they perform on stage, but isn't it delightful — regardless of if the moment is actually live — to watch Timberlake trapese across the stage with a bevy of backup dancers? Honestly, I wouldn't mind if Timberlake decided to ensure a great performance by coming as ultra-prepared as possible.

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We don't know if he did indeed lip sync or not, but Bustle reached out for a comment on the matter, and did not immediately hear back.