Here's The Truth About Those Charlie & Ellie Cheating Rumours & It's Not Pretty

Even if they match on beauty, it might be a mismatch when it comes to the matters of love. Two beautiful things don't always go well together. Take peanut butter and avocado, for example — they're two of the greatest collection of atoms on the planet — but peanut butter and avocado aren't exactly friends. And that's not to say that Love Island's Charlie Brake and Ellie Brown are mismatched breakfast foods, but if you really are to believe the tabloid rumours, they're not exactly beans and toast. And now there's another rumour going around. Did Love Island's Charlie cheat on Ellie?

As Bustle reported on Sept. 26, Charlie and Ellie — the bombshell blondes of Love Island's fourth series — are no longer. It's been just over two months since the island closed its doors for the year, and only a few of the couples are still left standing. Ellie and Charlie join this year's pile of lovers who weren't able to make a go of it in the outside world, alongside the likes of Jack Fowler and Laura Crane, as well as Samira Mighty and Frankie Foster. Ellie's been silent so far on the matter, and after contacting both their reps for more info, I've yet to hear back.

However, Charlie confirmed news of the split on his Instagram story, on Sept. 25, as Metro reported. "Just to inform you all, Ellie and I have decided to part ways. I wish her all the best!" Charlie wrote. But what he initially failed to mention was the alleged other blonde lady in his life. As The Sun reported on Sept. 27, fans spotted Charlie out with a mystery lady at a fancy London restaurant, while he reportedly told Ellie back at home that he was visiting his mum in Kent. "The next thing she knows," a source close to Ellie told The Sun, "he's flown out to Monaco on another luxury trip and they haven't even spoken." However, the newspaper today reported that the woman was in fact just a friend, with Charlie claiming that he was not unfaithful, with a source telling the paper their split "had been coming for weeks."

The timing comes as a little bit of a surprise, as the couple were posting loved up snaps of their trip to Switzerland only a week before the confirmed split. But on the other hand, this sort of feels like a long time coming. After their first trip to Monaco together, they were seen in an explosive fight, which had Charlie reportedly chucking Ellie's clothes out the window, as The Sun reported at the end of August. Then things between the pair seemed to be going OK, as photos emerged of them smooching by a hotel.

But according to a source at OK! the paps were orchestrated by Charlie. "Charlie did dump Ellie and kicked her out of his flat, and she was trying to find somewhere else to stay," the source confirmed, "Charlie later asked her to meet him at a hotel, where he'd set up a paparazzi to take photos of them 'making up' and kissing. From what I hear, she didn't know it was happening." By the sounds of it, the pair sound better off going their own separate ways.