Is This The End Of Mark and Elena on 'Big Brother'?

Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother has had an especially showmance-heavy season this year, but no good thing in the BB house lasts forever. One showmance is cracking under the pressure, and this couple might be heading towards a breakup. While a showmance can provide houseguests with a ride-or-die partner in the game, when a showmance partner makes unpopular moves it can make another houseguest look guilty by association. It's for that reason that people suspect that Big Brother 19's Elena and Mark will break up so that they can focus on playing the game alone.

The two-showmance partnership of Cody, Jess, Mark and Elena has been targeted by the majority of the house since the beginning of the season. Paul, seeing, that there was no way to split Cody and Jess, tried to find a way to damage the relationship between Elena and Mark. Paul then convinced Elena that her association with Mark, Cody, and Jess will lead to her eviction. Elena explained in the diary room that she likes Mark, but went on to say that she "did not leave [her] entire life for a guy [she] met less than 40 days ago."

Elena removing herself from Mark could end up being the best move for her game, and fans are excited to see someone putting the importance of the game over a showmance.

Elena valuing her game over her relationship with Mark has led to a heated conversation between the two, but neither of them have officially ended the showmance. Mark and Elena are safe for the time being, which means their relationship will likely continue. However, cracks have already started to form, and with around two months left in the game there is plenty of time for the showmance to completely fall apart. While Mark will surely be heartbroken over the loss of his relationship with Elena, there are no break-up pains that a half-million dollar check can't sooth.