Rumors About Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Splitting Up Are Spreading — AGAIN

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth may have found themselves back together after years apart, but now, it sounds like they might have split again. According to a story from OK! Australia (via The Daily Mail), Hemsworth and Cyrus have reportedly called off their engagement after disagreeing about when they want to start a family in the future. (Bustle reached out to Cyrus' agent and Hemsworth's rep for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.)

UPDATE: On Thursday afternoon, Entertainment Tonight confirmed that Hemsworth and Cyrus are still together. ET also pointed out Hemsworth posted an Instagram Story with Cyrus, seemingly shutting down rumors in that way as well.

EARLIER: A source close to the couple claimed to the Australian magazine that Hemsworth wants to have children sooner rather than later, while Cyrus reportedly wants to wait a bit before settling down into the parenting life. Supposedly, Cyrus keeps putting off their wedding and Hemsworth is anxious to get their life as a family started, and this is what has caused friction between them, and because of that, Hemsworth is now supposedly heartbroken enough that they've decided to go their separate ways. But again, the couple hasn't confirmed anything, so it may be best to take these rumors with a grain of salt.

"He wants kids and doesn't want to keep putting it off but it's not quite the timeline Miley had in mind... he is left heartbroken," the insider claimed to OK!. "Miley put off plans for the wedding and Liam was growing tired of it... They haven't been getting along in recent months."

In fact, the source went on to claim that Cyrus reportedly didn't want to get married at all, but Hemsworth had been hoping she'd change her mind, despite his family's warnings about her.

"[She] didn't really want to get married. It's something that everyone else seemed to get but Liam," the source claimed. "[His] family had been begging him to see the light for a long time, but he had faith in Miley. Now he feels like an idiot."

Obviously, if this is report is true, it's heartbreaking for their relationship to end a second time, especially if it simply came down to the fact that they disagree about what they're looking for out of their futures, even though they still love each other. Cyrus and Hemsworth getting back together after such a long split seemed like a miracle to so many fans, so hearing that they couldn't make it work during round two would be a huge bummer.

But it's also important to question the validity of the report, because there's nothing to confirm whether or not it's true. Dealing with rumors are a normal part of Hollywood relationships, after all, and this isn't the first time they've been the subject of them, good or bad. In fact, earlier this year, there were even rumors that they'd secretly gotten married, even though that turned out not to be true.

Besides, it's not like this couple is laying low. Earlier this month, Cyrus and Hemsworth were seen bowling with Kaitlyn Bristowe in Nashville, and according to what witnesses told Us Weekly, it doesn't sound like they were doing anything but having a good time with friends. Do you really think if they'd called their wedding off and were in the midst of a painful breakup, they'd be bowling with a former Bachelorette star? Probably not, unless they both felt like they needed to bowl through the pain, which seems unlikely.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see if Cyrus and Hemsworth fill fans in on what's going on. In the meantime, it doesn't make sense to worry too much about the state of their relationship, because chances are they're still happily together and planning for forever. Don't give up on believing in love just yet.