There Are Still So Many Questions About Jon After The 'Million Little Things' Finale

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Spoilers ahead for the Season 1 finale of A Million Little Things. Viewers finally got some answers during the Season 1 finale of A Million Little Things, but some characters also got information they maybe weren't supposed to know. Barbara Morgan's son PJ found Jon's recording on A Million Little Things, and it could have a big impact on the show when it returns.

Fans first met PJ when he was at the hospital and found Rome's script. PJ and Rome formed a friendship when they both realized that they've experienced feeling invisible in their own lives. But PJ isn't just a random kid, he's also Barbara Morgan's son — and he just stumbled on a huge secret his mom has been keeping from him.

In the finale, Delilah finally worked up the courage to go talk to Barbara and get some answers about Jon. Barbara's husband Mitch was very opposed to them talking, and warned them that Delilah better be gone by the time Patrick (PJ) came home. Barbara then played Jon's recorded message for Delilah — the one Jon taped before his death when he apologized to Barbara.

It turns out that Barbara was dating Jon's friend Dave and was pregnant. Jon and Dave were meant to go to a conference together, at Jon's request, but Jon narrowly missed the flight. It was actually one of the planes that went down in the September 11, 2001 attacks, and Dave died. After that, Jon's survivor guilt kind of overwhelmed him. He lashed out at Barbara for moving on so quickly with a firefighter who agreed to help Barbara raise her baby. They lost touch after that.

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The baby that Barbara was pregnant with was PJ, and the firefighter raised PJ as his own. In fact, Barbara never told PJ about Dave. It was easier for her to just have Mitch be his dad. But now PJ may be putting the puzzle pieces together, because he's seen the tape from Jon. But while Barbara explained the whole story to Delilah, Jon didn't need to spell it out to Barbara in his message, so there may be critical context that PJ is missing. In fact, with Jon ending his message by saying that he was sorry for leaving Barbara, it could even lead PJ to think Jon is his real father. It's not clear how much, if anything, PJ already knew about Jon — but it seems like not a lot.

Jon and Barbara were estranged, and Mitch was very against Delilah coming into their house. Considering that they raised PJ to believe Mitch was his father, and never talked about Dave, they probably also never talked about Jon. PJ could end up searching for answers in Season 2, and Rome could provide them if PJ ever figures out that they were connected. Maybe something in the script, which is based on Rome's life, will give it away and give PJ the next chunk of this puzzle.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, show creator DJ Nash said fans may see PJ again soon.

"I'd love [the reveal of PJ being Barbara's son] to be a big part of the season. Barbara asked Mitch, her boyfriend at the time, fiancee, to lie to their son. Instead of saying that Mitch adopted him, the pain of losing Dave for Barbara was so much that she doesn’t want her son to grow up under the cloud of that, so she has rewritten that story.
And for Mitch, if the first move with your son is to lie to him, that’s really hard. Initially in the episode when you see Mitch be either aggressive or potentially violent, you wonder what's that story, but really it's a dad who is heartbroken at the idea that this secret he's kept may get out. What we will see over the course of Season 2 is that relationship, and how do you deal with the discovery that the person you thought was your dad may not be your dad — which obviously juxtaposes with the secret that Eddie and Delilah are keeping."

So it sounds like PJ will put together that Mitch isn't his real dad, but does he have enough information to know that Dave is? Or will he think Jon is? Fans on Twitter had a similar line of thinking.

Some Thought Jon Really Could Be The Father

This seems unlikely since Jon and Barbara were only friends, but you do never know with this show. This could be an Eddie/Delilah situation all over again.

The Video May Have PJ Thinking Jon Is His Dad, Though

Whether it's true or not, PJ could end up thinking the wrong thing since he doesn't have the full story.

It's Definitely Going To Mean Drama

Messy is definitely one way to describe this show. Since Nash confirmed that he wants the PJ story to continue in Season 2, expect the mystery to keep growing. We may know the full story now, but PJ is still going to be looking for answers. And Nash told TV Guide that the way PJ's true parentage has been treated will be a "cautionary tale for Delilah and Eddie," since they've also lied about who her baby's father is. Messy, messy, messy. Season 2 has a lot of cleaning up to do.