Here's What PJ Might Be Up To In 'A Million Little Things'

David Bukach/ABC

There’s always some new mystery popping up on A Million Little Things. Just when we thought the Barbara Morgan, Rutledge, and Nelson family stuff was enough, along comes a random new character out of the blue. Last week’s episode introduced The Walking Dead alum Chandler Riggs’ character PJ, a kid who inadvertently convinced Rome to volunteer for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Riggs has signed on to be a recurring character, so this won’t be the last time we see PJ. But who, exactly, is PJ? Is he really just a random person who connected with Rome over their shared emotional pain? Or, are PJ and Barbara Morgan connected in some way? It’s possible his story is a combination of both.

In a previous episode, Mrs. Nelson (who is probably Barbara Morgan) was talking to her husband when a male teenage voice called her mom. This checks out considering the story she told Lizzy about losing her husband while she was pregnant as well as new photos posted by TV Insider of Mrs. Nelson in a flashback scene with a belly. It’s not far-fetched to think that PJ might be her son with Jon, especially since he appears to have had a completely secret life outside of his marriage to Delilah.

This would be exceptionally messy considering that Lizzy is approximately the same age as PJ and Mrs. Nelson was married at the time. PJ might have started to uncover the truth about his mom’s past and purposely placed himself in the hospital where Rome was to get closer to his biological dad’s friends. Or, it could have truly been a random encounter that will later lead to him discovering the truth somehow. PJ’s admission about his mental and emotional struggles seems genuine, which makes sense if he was feeling the void of a father in his life.

There’s also the possibility that Mrs. Nelson was pregnant with PJ and her husband’s death was somehow caused by Jon. What if Jon and her husband were in an accident that ended his life? It could explain why he made her a beneficiary and left her a video apologizing for his actions. Maybe he remained close to Barbara and PJ unbeknownst to his wife and took care of them over the years. Anything is possible on this show.

Of course, PJ could just be a random kid whom Rome builds a relationship with and begins to mentor in Season 2. This wouldn't be too shocking considering how this group immediately let Maggie into their friendship circle of drama. A lot of characters come and go on this series, so perhaps PJ will only appear in a couple of episodes before going his own way. No matter what, everyone is curious to uncover the truth about his intentions.

PJ may not be Jon's son, but he's already made a big impact in Rome's life and will likely be introduced to the rest of the crew. Will PJ form a bond with Lizzy? Or, will they discover that they are actually siblings? And, is PJ really Barbara Morgan's son? There's a million little questions about PJ and hopefully the answers will come quickly.