Did Remy Ma Diss Nicki Minaj In Her BET Awards Speech? The Epic Feud May Still Be On

Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On June 25, Remy Ma won Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at the BET Awards, beating a group of nominees that included her recent nemesis, Nicki Minaj. And she may have taken the opportunity to gloat. Did Remy Ma diss Nicki Minaj in her speech at the BET Awards? Twitter certainly seems to think so. Fans immediately were able to detect the shade thrown at Nicki Minaj during her acceptance speech. Whether she was too busy to attend or wasn't looking forward to crossing paths with Remy Ma, Minaj didn’t appear.

Remy Ma made it pretty obvious that she was going to be making some veiled references to the ongoing feud between the two when the first line of her acceptance speech was "Are you dumb?!" That's one of the first lyrics on "SHEther," her now-legendary diss track directed at the other female rapper. And she ended the speech by reciting some lyrics from "Spaghetti," her collaboration with Fat Joe. "Y’all b*tches got fat while we starved. Shots in your ass, pads in your bras. Y’all some liars, there ain’t no facts in your songs, and yeah that crown is coming back to the Bronx," she said. Many were thrilled to see that the feud is still hot.

However, Nicki Minaj still has her share of fans who are tired of their favorite rapper being attacked, and pointed out that Remy Ma has relied on the conflict to generate headlines (of course, the same could be said for Nicki Minaj's Billboard Music Awards performance).

Whether you're thrilled at the prospect of this rivalry continuing and more shade coming from both sides, or feel like these women need to move on, there's no denying that Remy Ma knew how to use her ongoing feud with Nicki Minaj to great effect during the BET Awards.