The Songs In Nicki Minaj's Medley At The 2017 Billboard Music Awards Are Perfect Choices — VIDEO

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Without even having the singer onstage, Nicki Minaj's music opened the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. The performance started with a collection of her biggest hits to date, from "Bees in the Trap" and her verse on "Monster," to "Anaconda" and "Moment for Life." Combining video snippets with a live performance of several groups of dancers (including a crew of adorable kids), the show paid tribute to her many iconic moments and costumes. And when she finally did take the stage, Minaj performed four songs right in a row, proving that she hasn't paused one bit when it comes to creating new music.

With so many songs and so many guest stars, it may have been hard to keep track of what exactly she was performing over the course of the "Minaj Medley" that opened the show. Surprisingly enough, all of those four songs were released in 2017, making it a very busy year for the rapper so far.

To start things off, Minaj chose to perform "No Frauds" (her response to Remy Ma's diss track "Shether"), showing off her verbal dexterity and featuring a guest verse by Lil Wayne. She followed that up with "Light My Body Up," a David Geutta song on which, once again, she performed a verse directed at an unnamed rapper. So if Minaj wanted to send an anti-Ma message on a global stage, she succeeded.

That was followed by Jason Derulo's "Swalla," featuring an appearance by Derulo himself, who belted out the song's chorus. And Minaj chose to sing for the first time in the fourth and final song in the medley. "Regret In Your Tears" had a more stripped down performance that finished the medley.

With an almost 10-minute performance, Minaj certainly proved that she has not limit to her talents, drive, and dedication to her music... and maybe even threw a little shade, too, with a couple of her song choices. This star is more prolific than ever.