Did Tara Tell Rick About Oceanside On 'The Walking Dead'? She Finally Broke Her Silence

Gene Page/AMC

It's a good thing that Judith Grimes is too young to carry the weight of all the secrets she is holding. After spilling the beans to the toddler about the community she discovered while separated from Heath, it's possible that Tara told Rick about Oceanside on The Walking Dead. For an added dose of suspense in an otherwise peaceful episode, Sunday's episode left it up in the air.

She could have been telling him about Rosita's thirst for vengeance instead. However, I think the time has come to get Oceanside involved in the fight against Negan, and Tara is one of the only people who can make that happen. She knows who they are, where they are, and their own tragic history with Negan and the Saviors. If the Kingdom isn't going to join the fight, and Jadis' heapsters are making things difficult, it may be time to expand their reach.

While thinking it out with the baby, Tara did make a good point. It's entirely possible that the women of Oceanside would be Alexandria's enemy rather than their ally, especially when Tara betrays their trust and their location. However, Rick Grimes can charm just about anyone, and it's worth taking the risk. Oceanside has the numbers, the guns, the motivation, and the fighting prowess that this war against Negan needs.

Maybe they should sent Carol and Michonne instead. My prediction is that Oceanside will be the group that rolls into the battle late and saves the day; like the Millenium Falcon in Star Wars, the Riders of Rohan in The Two Towers, and Littlefinger's army on Game of Thrones. Presuming that Tara did "betray" Oceanside to Rick, we can only hope that he heeds her warnings and doesn't rush into anything yet. The last thing The Walking Dead needs is to have Oceanside not on Alexandria's side. Before the war breaks out, treading lightly is key.