Jax & Brittany’s Isn’t The Only Cheating Scandal In ‘Vanderpump’ Season 6

Brian Baer/Bravo

Can’t any relationship on Vanderpump Rules be happy? Since Season 6 started, viewers have learned that Jax cheated on Brittany multiple times with former SURver Faith; Ariana and Tom are having problems, including a dry spell; and Stassi and her boyfriend, Patrick, will be breaking up (that’s what it seems like in the previews for the rest of the season, anyway). Now, it seems that Vanderpump Rules’ only married couple (besides Ken and Lisa) are on the rocks, too. Did Vanderpump Rules' Tom Schwartz cheat on Katie?

Katie and Tom got married in the summer of 2016, and even though it was a rocky road to get there, they shook off rumors of divorce later that year. Katie told E! News, “We are madly in love. I feel like marriage really suits us. We've been through so much, especially since last summer. Everyone says the first year of marriage is the hardest, but it's been like 89 percent blissful." Tom agreed, saying, "We like to think that we exercised [sic] all the bad stuff. We got about 15 years worth of fighting out in about three years, so we're good now. It's been smooth sailing." Fair enough, but that doesn’t mean those rumors have slowed down at all.

Brian Baer/Bravo

Rumors of cheating have plagued the couple for years. Tom was accused of cheating on Katie during a weekend trip in Vegas, and Katie admittedly (she said so at her bachelorette weekend) never shook off her fears of it all. It was at that bachelorette/bachelor weekend that Tom and Katie had one of their worst fights yet — Kristen Doute brought up the cheating rumors again, and Tom announced to the group that he wasn’t sure if he could marry Katie with all of this going on. Of the incident, Kristen told Bravo, “I really thought that if I caught Schwartz at his most vulnerable state that it would be like truth serum — and it was the absolute worst idea ever because I basically ruined a really fun night."

Ruined a fun night, yeah, but it’s usually good for a couple to hash out all of the details before they get married. Katie was picking fights because she wasn’t sure if she could trust her husband-to-be, and that sort of psychology makes sense — hurt before you get hurt.

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But did Tom cheat again? Well, in the previews for the next episode, Lala tells Scheana and Ariana that her friend Ali made out with Schwartz while he was married to Katie. That would mean that his indiscretion happened pretty recently. When Katie gets wind of the rumors, Katie says, “What did I do? Is this some kind of karmic punishment?” It doesn’t look good for Katie and Schwartz right now, especially because Lisa Vanderpump told Entertainment Tonight that her biggest disappointment in the history of the show happens in Season 6. Cheating is not surprising coming from Jax. But since Lisa loves Tom Schwartz so much, learning about something that he'd done would really take a toll on her. She officiated their wedding, after all! Lisa told ET, “I've seen, this season, something with [Tom Schwartz] that I wasn't happy with. And I have a lot invested in Schwartzie and a lot invested in Katie [Maloney], so anytime he even put a foot wrong, that would not make me happy.”

Katie and Tom told Us Weekly in December 2017 that their marriage was still good. “We’re doing amazing. Married life is pretty damn blissful, but it’s still work,” Katie said. “We still have things that we’re working on and old habits.” Tom added, “She keeps me on a short leash. But that’s my own doing.” Is it Tom’s own doing because he went astray? That’s just something viewers will have to tune into Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules to find out.