Did Veronica's Dad Kill Jason On 'Riverdale'? The Evidence Is Mixed

Katie Yu/The CW

We have yet to see Veronica's dad, Hiram Lodge, on Riverdale, but even from prison, his presence seems to loom over the town. He has a hand in many of the Southside Serpents' sordid dealings, even recruiting them to beat up Fred Andrews' construction crew after finding out about his relationship with Hermione. In the April 13 episode, Veronica must decide whether or not to testify for her father, and as she grapples with his crooked past, she begins to mull over a question many viewers may also be wondering: Did Veronica's dad kill Jason?

Turns out, she's not the first to ask. Reddit user McSlever previously circulated a theory that a minor detail serves as a pretty major clue that Hiram's guilty, and I have to say, it's pretty convincing. McSlever postulates that Riverdale is using the classic misdirect technique championed by cartoon favorite Scooby-Doo, and that Jason's death may have just been a casualty in Hiram's larger scheme to buy the drive-in's land. He writes:

"The classic Scooby Doo set-up is to scare people away from an area, then capitalize on the cheap real-estate opportunities. In our situation, Hiram sets up a grand conspiracy to murder Jason Blossom which is carried out by Jughead’s dad and the Snakes. Jason's death creates the opportunity to buy the drive-in theatre at a discounted price, following the town's tragedy and fear that a killer is amongst them. I strongly believe that Hiram wanted to be incarcerated so that he remains under the radar, and Hermione can finish his plan. They will use the drugs, or the Coopers, as a cover [for] his death, until it is revealed in the finale that it was Hiram all along, devastating Cheryl and her new relationship with Veronica and setting us up to meet Hiram in Season 2."

There is some evidence to suggest McSlever is right. When Bustle spoke to Riverdale star Madelaine Petsch — who plays Cheryl Blossom, Jason's twin sister — she said that when Jason's killer is revealed, it will "literally ruin Cheryl’s life." If Veronica's family is behind his murder, it would certainly devastate Cheryl. Veronica appears to be the only "friend" that's shown her true kindness, even though they've been at odds as of late. But ruin her life? I'm not sure.

The biggest wrench in McSlever's theory is Hermione Lodge. She may be wrapped up in Hiram's illegal affairs, but it seems like she genuinely wants to do right by her family — a sentiment that Veronica's doorman confirms. When Veronica asks him if her parents are good people, he's hesitant to share his opinion on her father, but for her mother, he gives an unequivocal yes. If Hiram did kill Jason, it's hard to imagine Hermione had anything to do with it.

With Riverdale's finale just around the corner, Jason's murderer is still as much a mystery as when the series first premiered. At least now we'll only have to wait a few more weeks until his killer is finally unmasked.