The Foolproof Way To Discover Your Fave Standup Comedian On Netflix

Alex Crick/Netflix

Featuring a constantly evolving rotation of movies, TV shows, and other programs is easily one of the best assets Netflix offers. But when it comes to choosing a title during a casual browsing session, you may feel a bit stuck. If you're a lover of all things funny, then picking your next Netflix stand-up comedy special might be especially difficult — until now, that is. Thankfully, Netflix released a stand-up comedy flowchart to help you discover which comic you should check out next. Finding a comedian that matches your own taste can be tough enough, but Netflix just took the guesswork out of the entire process for you.

It's actually a very handy thing for the streaming service to do, providing a sweet flowchart to help you flow all the way to a stand-up comedian whose jokes will tickle your funny bone in just the right way. Of course, this is also a pretty intensive process and Netflix has prepared accordingly. For example, when you begin this semi-rigorous process of discovering your next favorite stand-up, the first question is: "Life is pretty great, right?" From there, you're sent on your merry way, answering questions like, "Are you high?", "Are today's young people the worst?", "Are you a recovering Catholic?", and even "Can your mom take a punch?"

They're pretty wild questions, to be fair, but just trust that Netflix will provide some equally exciting results. Among the stand-up options are Dave Chappelle, Ali Wong, Aziz Ansari, and Chelsea Peretti. Each of these comedians, along with the other possible results provided, offer different outlooks on life, different kinds of social and political commentary, and all remain funny as anything.

Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix's knack for perfectly matching someone with a particular title based on genre or mood is pretty spot-on, so you should be inclined to trust this flowchart. How could Netflix be wrong about this when they've basically become the go-to source for finely tuned algorithms that help you find a fresh film or TV show when you don't know what to watch? This flowchart is simply a micro version of said algorithm.

What's particularly notable in the chart is that Netflix has placed a great emphasis on inclusivity in its lineup of stand-up comedians. The split between men and women is fairly even, the comedians are racially diverse, the age range is quite broad as well (younger comics like Katherine Ryan share the same space as older comic Jerry Seinfeld), and seasoned pros are placed alongside emerging comics. The range of options ensures that audiences will be exposed to something fresh and new, if they choose to watch.

This certainly isn't the first time Netflix has used charts to point out some interesting conclusions that can be drawn from the shows, films, and yes, even stand-up specials it chooses to air. For example, earlier in 2017, Netflix released an infographic about female friendships on TV, showing women teaming up help to change audiences' perceptions about those characters and women overall.

So sure, this new Netflix flowchart may be a bit more lighthearted, but it also points out how the stand-up comedy scene is changing and evolving. The stand-up game is more inclusive than ever, and with Netflix bringing you a top-notch line-up, it won't be difficult to discover a stand-up comedian that will leave you belly-laughing all night long.