Snow White Stilettos Exist & They're As Magical As You'd Expect

Some people may have lost their love for Disney, and you know, that's great for them. However, it's probably safe to say that most still have a special place in their hearts for Disney and it's classic princess tales. Now, Ruthie Davis x Disney princess shoes are here to help you showcase that you're not over your addiction to the classic film company – and you're certainly not ashamed of it.

Disney princess inspired fashion and beauty has been given a grown-up spin as millennial nostalgia has seemed to hit a peak. From Lip Smacker Mickey & Minnie packaging, princess-inspired lingerie, and Torrid's fandom collections, brand definitely know that Disney mania is alive and well. Now, there's an upscale shoe choice for you to express your princess love.

Luxury shoe designer Ruthie Mae teamed up with Disney to designed princess-inspired heels, and they balance the fine line between wearable heel and gorgeous homage to the films. The shoes focus on Disney's very first animated film, Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. From Snow White herself to the Evil Queen to the diamond mine in which the dwarves work, the shoes take inspiration from multiple parts of the film, and they translate beautifully to the shoes.

Ruthie Davis Good Vs. Evil, $798, Ruthie Davis

While each pair of heels is gorgeous, there is a bit of a caveat to snagging them and making them your own. They've got quite the price tag. The most affordable pair retails for $498 with the priciest reaching $798. If, however, you want to splurge, or you've got a very generous family member, partner, or friend, the heels are available for pre-order on the Ruthie Davis website.

Ruthie Davis Heart & Dagger, $798, Ruthie Davis

Davis isn't the first shoe designer to launch footwear with Disney inspiration, though. Vans offered up an affordable and casual footwear option back in 2015. Then, there were the absolutely Kira Kira worthy Minnie Mouse heels by Oscar Tiye earlier this year.

Ruthie Davis Seven Dwarfs, $798, Ruthie Davis

If you don't have the cash to snag these Ruthie Davis heels, don't fret too much. There's still tons of affordable Disney merch that you can shop to express your love for your favorite princess.

Here's some more affordable Disney merch varieties to shop while you mop up the drool from salivating over the Ruthie Davis Collection.

Disney Keds

Keds x Minnie Mouse Champion, $19.95, Keds

While maybe not quite as glam, these Minnie Mouse Keds are not just adorable but affordable.

Disney Slippers

Mickey Mouse and Pluto Holiday Plaid Slippers For Adults, $14.96, Disney

They may not be heels, but these slippers are cozy and comfy. What's not to love about that?

Minnie Mouse Studs

Kate Spade New York for Minnie Mouse Studs, $48, Kate Spade

These studs are adorable. While they're slightly pricy for studs, they won't totally break the bank,

Beauty & The Beast Sweatshirt

Disney Beauty & the Beast Tale As Old As Time Lace-Up Girls Sweatshirt Plus Size, $43.92, Hot Topic

Cozy and Disney themed is the best combination.

Princess Tattoo Bag

Disney Princess Tattoo Print Clutch, $14.92, Torrid

How great is this take on the classic Disney princesses? And it's affordable on top of that.

If you love Disney, glam, and heels, the Ruthie Davis Snow White heels are perfect. And if you're willing to majorly splurge, they can totally be yours. Just maybe don't buy more than one pair...