Disney+ Just Cast This 'Office' Favorite In Their 'Home Alone' Reboot

MacCaulay Culkin stars in Home Alone, Disney+ reboot
20th Century Fox

Get ready for a reboot, ya filthy animals. Nearly three decades after Kevin McAllister was first left at home by himself during the holidays, The Office star Ellie Kemper has been cast in the Disney+ Home Alone reboot, alongside Catastrophe's Rob Delaney. The comedians will join Archie Yates, fresh off his film debut as Yorki in Jojo Rabbit, who will star as the lead in the upcoming project.

Though news of the reboot upset fans when it was originally announced back in August, sources told Variety that Yates will not be playing Kevin McAllister, but rather a brand new hero who finds himself in a similar situation to Macaulay Culkin's iconic character. The outlet also reported that despite Kemper and Delaney originally being rumored to play Yates' parents, the comedians will also play new characters being introduced to the Home Alone universe. These new reports line up with Disney CEO Bob Iger's August comments that the new film will be a "reimagining" of Home Alone for a "new generation."

While Culkin hasn't responded to the casting news yet, he did joke over the summer about the recent slew 1990s movie remakes, writing on Twitter, that he wants to see "Field of Dreams with Chris Evans [and] A League of Their Own with Kristen Bell, Tessa Thompson and Chrissy Teigen," in the future.

Culkin still has a lot of affection for his most famous role — especially around the holidays. "Christmas is my time of year," the actor told Us Magazine in November. "I get recognized 10 times more between the months of November and January. I have no idea why." He also joked that the enduring love for Home Alone is both the best and worst part of the Christmas season, in his opinion. "Me being on TV every two seconds [is] a beautiful curse/a tricky blessing."

Though it's unclear whether or not Culkin will appear on the Disney+ "reimagining" of Home Alone, he might be more inclined to make a cameo in the other upcoming reboot, Stoned Alone. In July 2018, Deadline reported that Ryan Reynolds was producing the more grown-up take on the Christmas movie, which will center on a "20-something stoner who misses his flight to go skiing over the holidays and opts to stay at home and get high." Like Kevin before him, this character will also have to defend his home from burglars, although this time, he will simultaneously be contending with his drug-induced paranoia.

The new Home Alone reboots might be controversial amongst die-hard fans of the Culkin classic — and its sequels — but its clear that Kevin McAllister and his adventures still hold a place in everyone's hearts, all these years later.