Disney's Newest Cruise Is Fairytale-Themed & The First Looks Are Breathtaking

For the love of all things Disney — this cruise is not messing around. A lot of us may have grown up with wild fantasies about living in the world of a Disney princess, but living that dream has never been more real than this. At the Disney D23 Expo 2019 this week, the company announced the name of their new Disney cruise ship — "Disney Wish" — and it looks like quite the adventure, especially for fairytale fans.

According to a company blog post, the ship is due late 2021 and will take to the seas in January 2022. It will be a little bit larger than some of the other ships in their fleet, such as "Disney Dream" and "Disney Fantasy" — and will hold a whopping 1,250 guest staterooms. That's a lot of Disney fans packed in one spot.

And those fans will get a wild ride — because this new ship is all about immersing yourself in the fairytale. So it's basically your actual childhood dream come true.

"The ship’s atrium will be a bright, airy and elegant space inspired by the beauty of an enchanted fairytale," the blog post explains.

And that's not all. One of the company's traditions is to have a Disney character on the back of the ship, one who represents the theme of that particular boat. This time, it's about one of the most underrated princesses out there — Rapunzel is finally taking center stage

"For the Disney Wish, the ship’s stern will feature Rapunzel," the company explains. "Our favorite artsy princess, paintbrush in hand, uses her enchanted hair to suspend herself as she decorates the stern of the ship with the help of her feisty sidekick, Pascal. Spirited, smart, curious and above all, adventurous, Rapunzel embodies the wish and desire to see and experience the world."

It sounds downright magical. And this ship is ready to take you to some pretty magical destinations — the company is due to start construction on its second tropical destination in the Bahamas, Lighthouse Point on the island of Eleuthera. So you can expect some Disney magic and a whole lot of tropical paradise. What else could you want from a holiday?

There's no doubt that Disney fans are getting more and more incredible treats and experiences — the company puts a lot of energy and imagination into immersive experiences that let you really be swept away. From Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, which is maybe the most anticipated new openings in years, to more whimsical celebrations like this year's Oogie Boogie Bash, they have it all. No matter what niche of Disney you love, there's a way to experience it in one of their parks or attractions.

But going on a Disney cruise is a way to truly get away from it all — and let your fantasies run wild. Time at sea, beautiful beaches, and being totally surrounded by all things Disney — it's easy to see why it's such a popular vacation choice.

The name "Disney Wish" is an apt one, because how many of us dreamed about getting swept away into a Disney fairytale when we were kids? And by kids, I also mean now — because those wishes never really go away. So if you're a Rapunzel fan or just love the idea of a break on the high seas, mark your calendar for January 2022, when "Disney Wish" should set sail.