Disney Launched A Donut-Themed Collection & You'll Want Every Piece


As if Disney merchandise wasn't already filled with everything pure and joyful, they've just gone and put sprinkles on top. Some of the recent additions to the Forever Disney line on shopDisney's website may make you a little... hungry. In addition to your favorite characters and classic movie moments, the Forever Disney line now includes some donut inspiration. Sprinkles, frosting — I'm all for it. It's making me hungry, but I'm all for it.

If you're a die-hard Disney fan, there's a good chance that you're no stranger to the abundance of amazing Disney merchandise that's out and about in the world. If you browse shopDisney, you'll find major and minor characters from dozens of Disney films featured, as well as Disney Parks merchandise, Disney pet gear, and a lot more. But, as ever, I'm interested in where a few of my favorite things collide — like Disney and food. The Disney and food combination is definitely not anything new (the parks have some of the greatest foodie treats out there), but being able to wear your love of Mickey and your love of donuts all at once? That's a premise I can get behind.

If you're interested in all things Disney and donut, here are five mouth-watering new additions to the Forever Disney line, in all their sprinkle-covered goodness.


Mickey And Minnie Mouse Donut Fleece Throw

I wanted to start with the coziest — because the idea of wrapping up in a donut fleece blanket is definitely the beginning of a great Friday night. This "super soft throw" features Mickey and Minnie donut shapes and would pair perfectly with your favorite Disney classic. I'm thinking Aladdin or The Lion King, but I will also accept Hercules.


Mickey Mouse Donut Figural Mug

OK, so Mickey Mouse Donut Figural Mug might be a bit of a tongue twister as a title — but the mug itself is a straightforward win. Although donut mugs make me automatically think of Homer Simpson, the little Mickey-shaped sprinkles adorning this mug give it a definite Disney feel. Even better? It's sculpted like a donut, complete with a hole! It also features "high gloss glaze", which sounds like an incredible way of describing donut frosting but I am 100% sure it's not actually edible. I've been burned before.


Mickey And Minnie Mouse Donut Pin Set

If you want to take your donut and Disney love anywhere, then this little pin set should do the job. Three delightful pins — complete with sprinkles — let you hitch your Disney love to anything. Bonus: The Minnie donut has a bite taken out of it, just like all donuts should.


Mickey And Minnie Mouse Donut Pajama Set for Women

As much you might love the idea of writhing around in a bed of donuts (Who doesn't?), the reality is a lot more uncomfortable — and stickier — than the dream. Plus, it's a waste of donuts. Instead, rock some Mickey and Minnie donut pajamas. Stay dry and save the donuts for eating.


Mickey Mouse Milk Carton Vase

This vase, with icing and sprinkle decorations, is delivering some *major* donut vibes. Standing at just under eight inches, it's ready to hold a few blooms as spring and summer roll around — just make sure to fill it with water, not milk. I'm don't exactly have a green thumb, but I've learned that much in all of my years on this planet. Flowers and milk don't mix.

If you like your Disney merchandise with a sweet edge, shopDisney is certainly delivering. You can rock Disney donut merchandise every day of the week — now, if they would deliver Disney donuts every day of the week, then we'd really be getting somewhere.