Disney Just Opened A Store Full Of Adorable Home Goods & It’s A ‘90s Kid’s Dream Come True

Be still, my Disney-loving heart: A new Disney homewares store just opened in the Downtown Disney District at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. — and I have new #homegoals as a result. (Those goals being, of course,to fill my house with everything in that store.) Called Disney Home, it’s part of a major overhaul the park is currently making to the shopping and dining area located directly outside the gates of Disneyland Park and California Adventure; big things are in store for 2018, and it’s all quite literally the stuff dreams are made of.

Disney first announced the Downtown Disney District overhaul at the beginning of December 2017, which includes the addition of bowling/dining establishment Splitsville Luxury Lanes and a Star Wars-themed “hyper-reality experience” by ILMxLAB and The VOID; earlier, the company had also been announced that the Rainforest Café, Earl of Sandwich, and ESPN Zone would be leaving in order to make way for a new hotel. The Disney Home store is also part of that overhaul, with the store D-Street having closed as of Jan. 2, 2018 in order to make way for it — and now that it’s finally open, people can’t get enough of it.

According to the official Disney Parks Blog, Disney Home “offers fans a variety of Disney-themed home-related treasures, from [glassware] to linens, kitchen goods, and more.” What’s more, the available items will change with the seasons, ensuring there’s always something new to find.

The store’s grand opening occurred on Feb. 14, so naturally, social media is flooded with pictures from its debut — and you guys? I really wish I’d been there. These photos give me that same sort of, “I just… kind of want to live in that store” feeling I get every time I walk into the home section of an Anthropologie store. The Twitter account of Disney parks news site Laughing Place has some particularly good photos showing all sorts of goodies, from some classic Mickey and Minnie-themed kitchen wares:

To these gorgeous Peter Pan dishes featuring some of the most beautiful illustrations of Neverland I’ve ever seen:

In the immortal words of Freddie Mercury, I want it all.

But hey, guess what? Even if I can’t actually go to Disney Home right at this very moment, I can still browse at least some of its offerings online. If you look really closely at the photos that are floating around the internet, you can make out some of the items shown in them — and, it turns out that Disney sells a few of those items in its Disney’s massive online store. I know, because I looked. I did it so you don't have to. Because that's what I'm here for.

Again, bear in mind that Disney Home will be rotating its items with the seasons, so what’s there now may not be there a few months from now — but for the curious, here’s some of what you can expect to see in the Disney Home store today, and where you can find it online.

Lumiere Be Our Guest Dinner Plate

Lumiere Be Our Guest Dinner Plate, $18.99, shopDisney

Made of ceramic, this hilarious and amazing plate is microwavable and dishwasher-safe. There is, in fact, a whole line of Be Our Guest dinnerware, and it is amazing.

Never Land Map Dessert Plate

Never Land Map Dessert Plate, $12.99, shopDisney

The vintage-style illustration on this Peter Pan-themed plate is just beautiful. Also, of course it's a dessert plate — perfect for kids who just won't grow up.

Mickey Mouse Colorful Kitchen Tongs

Mickey Mouse Colorful Kitchen Tongs, $12.99, shopDisney

I don't know why, but the idea of tongs that are shaped like cartoon hands really amuses me.

Enchanted Rose Light-Up Dome Tumbler

Enchanted Rose Light-Up Dome Tumbler With Straw, $14.99, shopDisney

I spotted this tumbler in a photo from Twitter user Francis Dominic — but what I didn't get from that photo is the fact that it actually lights up, too. I love it.

Mickey Mouse Shorts Mug

Donald Duck Half Mug, $19.99, shopDisney

Is the idea of drinking coffee out of Donald's butt a little weird? Yes. Is it also bizarrely entertaining. Yes. Take a peek at Instagrammer @madelineblitz's photos to see it in the store.

Mickey And Minnie Mouse Pillow

Mickey And Minnie Mouse Pillow, $27.99, shopDisney

The @disneynews55 Instagram account posted a photo of this pillow on the shelves of Disney Home. For the curious, it has "Je t'aime" embroidered on the back.

Cogsworth Clock

Cogsworth Clock, $80, shopDisney

I'm pretty sure this Cogsworth-shaped clock is on the shelf in the third photo of this tweet from Laughing Place. Also, making an actual, functional clock shaped like Cogsworth? Genius.

Never Land Kitchen Towel Set

Never Land Kitchen Towel Set, $21.99, shopDisney

Just think of a wonderful thought and pray your meringue doesn't collapse in on itself in the oven.

Minnie Mouse Dot Bowl

Minnie Mouse Dot Bowl, $9.99, shopDisney

A smaller version of this bowl is available, too; that one is black and white, with a red inside.

Fantasyland Castle Metal Wedding Photo Frame

Fantasyland Castle Metal Wedding Photo Frame, $26.99, shopDisney

And they lived happily ever after.