Disney Dropped Its Halloween Costumes For Dogs & It's Impossible To Pick Just One


I have a lot of feelings right now. But most of those feelings involve me wondering how, as a cat person, I have fallen into actual pieces looking at photos of dogs. There is only one explanation — the Disney Halloween costumes for pets have arrived and all of these options for dogs are simply too, too much.

I know, it seems like Halloween is still a ways off — but that doesn't mean you have to wait to get into the spirit. Seriously, you can already book tickets for Disney's Oogie Boogie Halloween Party in all its Nightmare Before Christmas wonderment (in fact, some dates have already sold out). You can stock up on Captain Morgan Jack-O-Blast Pumpkin Spice Rum right now online. You can even start keeping an eye out for Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats, because we know that they are coming soon.

But there is probably no cuter, no purer way to celebrate the upcoming Halloween than with these Disney dog Halloween costumes. They're all available on the shopDisney website and come in different sizes for different pets. And they all seem to fall into the $25-$35 range, so not ridiculously expensive for something so adorkable.

Even if you don't have a dog yourself, just looking at the photos of these pups ever so solemnly dressed up as your favorite characters is a total trip. Whether you like old school Disney classics or some of the newer movies, there is something to love. Now you just have to pick which one really brings out your pup's personality — because there are a lot to choose from.

Here are some of the highlights.


Dumbo Pet Costume by Rubie's

Can you even with those ears? The fact that the dog looks so resigned to its fate just makes this so much better. Have you ever seen an elephant fly? Because I'm about to fly from joy just looking at these costumes.


Olaf Pet Costume by Rubie's – Frozen

I have a confession to make — this Olaf costume is my absolute favorite. The fact that it only is worn on the front legs and is a little ridiculous makes it even better. Really, you should just buy seven of these, because you're going to want your dog to wear it every day of the week.


Minnie Mouse Pet Costume by Rubie's

If you prefer a classic mouse option, fear not — because you can get both Minnie and Mickey costumes for some vintage Disney gold. As we all know with Disney, it's all about the ears. This costume certainly delivers in the ears department, so no worries there.


Ewok Costume for Pets by Rubie's – Star Wars

Of course, there had to be a little Star Wars action. And what better character from the hit franchise to turn your pup into than a freakin' Ewok?! Furry, cuddly, and yes, maybe a little cannibalistic — I mean, it is Halloween after all. It's meant to be a little scary.


Buzz Lightyear Light-Up Pet Costume by Rubie's

Yes — it actually lights up and the costume is made with extra padding to make sure it's totally comfortable for your little furry friend. This little costume will have your pup ready to go to infinity and beyond. Sorry, guys — I had to say it.

Halloween may still be a fairly long way away, but it's not stopping anyone from getting very excited already. If you want your pets to get in on the action, then start shopping — because it's never too early to get into the Halloween spirit.