Here Are All The Boozy Drinks You Can Get At Disney’s New Star Wars Park

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There’s a lot to look forward to about the upcoming openings of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at both Disneyland and Disney World: The theming… the rides… the space-age food… and, of course, the spectacularly weird-looking drinks. What’s more, many of these delightful beverages will be of the, uh, high-test variety — and if you’re curious about which alcoholic drinks available at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at the Disney parks, good news: Disney has just revealed all of them in a recent post on the Disney Parks Blog. What a time to be alive! Especially when that time is a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away!

Within Galaxy’s Edge, which opens at Disneyland on May 31 and Disney World on Aug. 29, alcoholic drinks will only be available at one spot: Oga’s Cantina, the land's “notorious local watering hole” which tends to “[attract] some of the most interesting and disreputable characters in the galaxy,” according to the Disney Parks Blog. You probably won’t see Oga herself — per Disney, “she’s not usually at the Cantina, preferring to collect payments remotely.” Indeed, it’s said that even most of the locals “have never laid eyes on her before.” Still, though, you’re likely to find a lively atmosphere, complete with beats spun by DJ R-3X — who you’ll no doubt recognize if you ever rode the original Star Tours before its major 2011 overhaul — and perhaps a few… tense encounters. (Watch out for those Storm Troopers.)

The OC Register reports that the serving area at Oga’s will largely consist of a “standing room-only U-shaped bar,” with just a couple of additional tables and booth seats. You also won’t be able to make reservations, so it’ll likely fill up fast — although if you really wanted to get a jump on the crowds, you could head to the restaurant right when it opens at 8 a.m. Two of Oga’s boozy picks — a spiked coffee and a galactic twist on the classic Bloody Mary — will be available that early; they’re morning drinks. Meanwhile, a more expansive cocktail, wine, and beer menu will open up in the afternoon and evening.

For many a decade, many of the Disney parks were famously dry. A result of Walt Disney’s own proclamation — in 1956, he famously told Pete Martin of the Saturday Evening Post that his parks would have “no liquor, no beer, nothing. Because that brings in a rowdy element. That brings people that we don't want, and I feel they don't need it” — both Disneyland Park in Anaheim and the Magic Kingdom in Orlando were alcohol-free, unless you were lucky enough to get into the exclusive Club 33.

Things began to change, bit by bit, starting in the ‘80s; when Epcot opened, the global adult beverages for which the World Showcase is now famous were already on offer. When California Adventure opened in Anaheim in 2001, it, too, offered alcohol — after all, the park is themed after the entire state of California, which is has long been known for its wine-making regions, among other boozy pursuits — and when the Be Our Guest restaurant began welcoming guests at Disney World in 2012, it became the first spot within the Magic Kingdom to make alcoholic drinks available.

With alcoholic drinks also long on the menu at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, Disneyland Park — the very first, OG Disney park — has remained for some time the only Disney park in the United States not to offer adult beverages to its 21-and-over guests. But with the imminent arrival of Oga’s Cantina, that’s about to change, too. Here are all the boozy picks you’ll be able to choose from while you’re off on your galactic adventure:


Spiran Caf

Looking to give your morning cup of joe a little something extra? Try the Spiran Caf, inspired by the drink of the same name that first appeared in Star Wars Rebels in 2014. The real-world version of it consists of Peru Alto Mayo Organic Joffrey’s Coffee, orange marmalade, and rum, all topped with vanilla whipped cream and some citrus zest.


Bloody Rancor

If Bloody Marys are more your (star)speed(er) (SORRY NOT SORRY), the Bloody Rancor is for you. The Bloody Mary mix used here is of the spicy variety; it also involves vodka and some chile liqueur. A “rancor bone” made of meringue adds a delightfully barbaric finishing touch. Like the Spiran Caf, this one is available during the morning hours.


Fuzzy Tauntaun

To be perfectly honest, the Fuzzy Tauntaun itself doesn’t sound particularly unique; made of peach vodka, peach schnapps, orange and tangerine juice, and pure cane sugar, it’s basically a Fuzzy Navel. It is, however, also topped with some sort of cold foam called “buzzz” foam (with three Z’s)… and also, it is called the Fuzzy Tauntaun. I would absolutely order something called the Fuzzy Tauntaun — as long as I don’t have to crawl inside one to do it.


Jedi Mind Trick

If a combo of grapefruit and rose vodka, falernum (a rum-based liqueur with tasting notes including ginger, lime, clove, and almond), blue curaçao, white grape juice, lime juice, and grapefruit bitters sounds good to you, then this is absolutely the cocktail you are looking for.


The Outer Rim

Thinking of leading an uprising against Grand Moff Tarkin and the Galactic Empire? Fortify yourself with one of these first. Silver tequila, açaí liqueur, lime juice, pure cane sugar, black salt, and “exotic fruit purée” (whatever that means) might help you find some liquid courage.


T-16 Skyhopper

I’ll confess that I’m usually more of a blue drink kind of person than a green drink one, but I’d give this a shot; a creamy mix of vodka, melon liqueur, kiwi, and half and half, it looks like Green Milk (but is not Green Milk — in Galaxy's Edge, Green Milk is non-alcoholic and available elsewhere) and gets its name from the three-winged civilian airspeeders the Rebel Alliance repurposed to train their pilots.


Dagobah Slug Slinger

First, show those swamp slugs who’s boss; then treat yourself to a refreshing drink comprising reposado tequila (that is, tequila that’s been aged for anywhere between 60 and 364 days), blue curaçao, citrus juices, ginger, herbs, and bitters. Yum.


Jet Juice

The name might not be particularly creative, but this fiery cocktail certainly sounds worth a shot for the spice fans in the house: It mellows out bourbon and some chile liqueur with some açaí liqueur, white grape juice, and lemon juice.


Yub Nub

I’m actually a little surprised at the tropical makeup of this drink; I would have thought that the Ewoks would be into something a little more… forest-y. Still, though — I probably wouldn’t say no to this concoction of pineapple rum, spiced rum, citrus juices, and passion fruit. That sounds delicious.


Bespin Fizz

I mean, of course a planet mined for its natural gases would feature a fizzy drink as its signature tipple, right? In this boozy treat, rum, yuzu purée, pomegranate juice and white cranberry juice get finished off with a “cloud swirl.” I don’t know what a “cloud swirl” is, exactly, but I would love to find out.


Beers You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Although exactly which breweries Disney worked with to create the beers that will be on offer at Oga’s Cantina haven’t been publicly revealed, we do know that the House of the Mouse did, in fact, collaborate on some brews you’ll only be able to get at Galaxy’s Edge. Options available on tap include the fruit-toned Gold Squadron Lager; White Wampa Ale, which will reportedly be a wheat beer; Gamorrean Ale, about which very little is currently known; and the hoppy, fruit-forward Bad Motivator IPA. (The Mercury News has a little more info about the beers, so head on over there if you’re curious.)


Spice Runner Hard Cider

In addition to beers on tap, Oga’s Cantina will also have hard cider on tap. Be still, my autumn-loving heart. I’m hoping that the Spice Runner Hard Cider will, y’know, have a little spice to it, but the drink itself is a bit of a mystery at present.


Wines You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Like the beer selection, the wine selection at Galaxy’s Edge — which, by the way, will also be on tap — consists of picks you can’t get anywhere else, thanks to the fact that Disney collaborated with a couple of as-yet-unnamed wineries on the options. Choose between Imperial Guard, which is likely the cabernet sauvignon some early reports referred to as Imperial Red Cab Sauv, and Toniray, which… actually, it’s not clear what the Toniray will be. In the Star Wars universe, Toniray is bubbly and teal. Will the Galaxy’s Edge version be some sort of blue-ish Prosecco? Only time will tell. (For what it's worth, there's an in-universe white version, too, so my money's on that one.)

Galaxy’s Edge opens up at Disneyland Park in Anaheim on May 31 and at Hollywood Studios in Orlando on Aug. 29. Get ready for the next adventure!