These DIY Couples Halloween Costumes Are Understated But Still Super Clever

by Brittany Bennett

Halloween is upon us and it's a great excuse to get together with your beloved partner to parade your mutual creativity around the block. How can you possibly show off your swagger as a beautiful couple? There are a ton of ways. Here, I'll give you some inspiration for DIY couples Halloween costume ideas for 2017. It's about time to grab your significant other — or, if you're still swiping for The One, your best friend.

Despite a rocky year, there is still a lot to love about 2017. To be more specific, there's a lot to love about love about characters in pop culture. Were you not also freaking out at the maybe-awkward-yet-totally-exhilarating ~romance~ between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen? I used my spoon as a shovel through many pints of ice cream during This Is Us and was sucked into the hole that is The Bachelor and The Bachelorette franchises, wishing on every first star I see at night that each person there for the right reasons finds true love. Because when they do, they can dress up in one of these couple costume ideas for their first Halloween together.

Whether you're looking for something sweet, something pop-culture related, or something to keep your friends guessing, check out the couple costumes below to start planning your best Halloween yet. Get ready to share your Kit Kats, Twix Bars, and cut your Snickers in half at the party this year, because this year will be all about the cute couple's costumes.

Avocado Toast

Elastic Thin Strap Velvet Dress, $10, Gamiss; Letter Double-Breasted Cropped Jacket, $35, Zaful; Pendelton Arrow Revival Over The Knee Sock, $28, Shoes; Beret Hat, $19, Venus; Tan Muscle Fit Pique Polo, $35, Topman; Men's Comfort Waist 10-wale Corduroy Dress Trousers, $30, Lands End; Squared Off Sunglasses, $20, Vans

Avocado and toast have in recent years become as iconic as peanut butter and jelly. They're an unbeatable combination that has now graced many brunch menus across the nation. It's also quite easy to dress up as this infamous tartine. While one of you is dressed in all green, complete with a beret hat, the other is dressed in head to toe beige. Stick together and hug a lot to get the point across that you're better together. If you really want to go above and beyond, carry around some flakey sea-salt and red pepper flakes!

Sebastian & Jazz

Black Skinny Fit Tuxedo Pants, $100, Topman; Grant Slim Fit Cotton-Stretch Oxford Shirt, $40, Banana Republic; Sateen Solid Tie, $55, Macys; Gh Bass & Co Wynn Round Toe Leather Loafer, $59, Bluefly; Large Retro Matte Black Rubber Horned Rim Sunglasses, $10, Popmap; Spaghetti Strap Music Note Printed Skater Dress, $35, With Chic; Adult Velcro Tap Shoes, $23, Discount Dance Supply

Academy Award Best Picture nominee La La Land's ending had audiences split. Whether you were satisfied with the happy ending or soaked your empty popcorn bucket with tears, one of the most obvious love stories featured in the film is between those and the ones who dream. Dance, or rather, ~tap~ the night away to jazz music dressed as Sebastian, and the music that carries him away.

Eleven & Waffles

Splendid Crochet Pink Shift Dress, $60, Chic Wish; Padded Flap Pockets Zip Up Bomber Jacket, $31, Zaful; Fake Blood by Tobar, $32, Popmap; Men's Eggo Waffle Tee, $15, Kohls; ASOS Slim Chinos in Yellow, $32, ASOS

Eleven and Mike had an adorable friendship, but there was true love present between Eleven and her waffles. Grab a pink collared dress, your favorite bomber jacket, and a bottle of fake blood to complete Eleven's other-worldly look. And as for waffles, don some bright yellow pants, an Eggo shirt, and definitely carry around a box or two of your favorite waffle so that you two can sneak away to snack in the corner.

Betty Cooper & Jughead

Superfine Cropped Cardigan, $287, FarFetch; Lace Collar Knitted Top, $24, Warehouse; Black Distressed Rip Skinny Jeans, $45, Pretty Little Thing; Good Charma Crown Stud Earrings, $49, Gilt; Khaki Skinny Biker Chinos, $65, Topman; Hooded Bomber Jacket, $48, Hollister; Men's Dockers® Marled Yarn Knit Beanie with Plush Lining, $19, Kohls

Bughead fans, rejoice! You and your partner can put together this outfit in less than hour rummaging through each other's closets. Achieve Jughead's wrong-side-of-the-tracks look with a broken in bomber or leather jacket and a beanie. To get his crown beanie, take scissors to your least favorite one! As for Betty, put together your best school picture day outfit and tie your hair back into an impossibly tight pony tail.

Harry Styles & You

White Waffle Short Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt, $30, River Island; Black Spray On Skinny Jeans, $60, Topman; Steve Madden Tamlin Pull On Boots, $50, 6PM; Navy Paisley Silk Scarf, $20, Topman; UV Protection Polarized Driving Goggle Eyeglasses Alloy Pilot Sunglasses, $15, New Chic

Possibly the easiest DIY costume of them all, because all you have to do is show up as yourself. Except with your new boyfriend, Harry Styles, on your arm. Dress your boo up in an English rocker get up, complete with heeled boots, skinny jeans, and a silk scarf to wear in their lustrous hair. Prepare to swoon.

SPF & The Sun

Cute Spaghetti Strap White Open Back Summer Dress For Women - White, $14, Rose gal; White Distressed Denim Jacket, $26, Miss Selfridge; Full Tilt Arrow Aviator Sunglasses, $10, Tillys; Sharpie Permanent Marker, $1.20, JetPens; Flex Crew T-Shirt, $8, AE; Epic Flex Slim Straight Chino Pants, $50, Hollister

We faced one of the hottest years on record in 2017, so it would make sense to dress up as SPF and the sun. For the SPF, use the sharpie to scribble what level of sun protection you are and spend the night in a healthy glow of love.

Double Heart Crown Snapchat Filter

San Marco Headband, $16, Witchery; Huda Beauty Classic False Lashes, $20, Sephora; Threesome Blush, $30, NARS Cosmetics; MAC Liquid Eyeliner, $21, Bloomingdales; Ted Baker London Harly Tiny Heart Stud Earrings, $35, Lord and Taylor

Snapchat filters were a fun way to procrastinate when they only recognized one face. And when they started recognizing two faces, making way for double filters, they became our main source of couple documentation. You can be the Autumn leaf crown to your partner's Spring flower crown or you can both arrive to the party with a floating heart crown and flawless eyelashes. To complete your heart crown look, grab some pink construction paper, pipe cleaners, and tape. Cut out pink paper hearts, tape them to your pipe cleaners, and wrap them around your headband. Ta da!

Jack & Rebecca

Lace Long Sleeves Evening Dresses Women Formal Cocktail Party Gown, $15, Groupon; Flower Crown Headband, $7, Forever 21; Beige Linen Waist Coat, $20, River Island, White Casual Skinny Fit Oxford Shirt, $16, River Island; Ike Evening by Ike Behar Silk Pre-tied Boxed Bow Tie, $44, Overstock

This Is Us invites us to sob with them week after week. If you're already hitched or maybe engaged, show up to the party as Rebecca and Jack on their 1970s wedding day. Flip out your hair and straighten his bowtie, it's going to be a groovy evening.

Bob & Linda

Ribbed V-Neck Top, $19, Venus; High Waist Capri Straight Jeans, $31, Zaful; Togo Oval Reading Glasses, $23, Last Call; DALIX Waist Aprons Commercial Restaurant Home Bib Spun Poly Cotton Kitchen, $2, Amazon; White Waffle Raglan T-Shirt, $30, River Island; Mountain Khakis The Original Mountain Pant, $26, 6PM; Chefs Work Bib Apron, $11.29, Amazon; Fake Mustaches, $4.26, Amazon

Bob and Linda of Bob's Burgers are possibly the ultimate #couplegoals. They're supportive spouses and dedicated parents, always down to flip burgers, brainstorm food puns, and dabble in quirky antics. If this sounds like you and your partner, grab some aprons and sit down for a diner dinner before heading out for Halloween this year.

Waldorf & Statler

Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Yellow Crest Silk Tie, $37, Bluefly; Mens Necktie Set Solid Dark Navy Blue Fashion Tie with Matching Pocket Square, $20, Amazon; Fake Mustaches, $4.26, Amazon; Johnson's Baby Powder, $5, Amazon

These days everyone has something to say, like our favorite unfiltered muppets Waldorf and Statler. This hilariously uncensored duo might not actually be a couple, but there is a love between them. Get your dad's suit out from the hall closet and pat baby powder into your hair (and fake mustache) to complete this look.

Netflix & Chill

Open Front High Low Denim Jacket, $27, Zaful; Basic Black Strappy Bodycon Dress, $10, Pretty Little Things; Film Reel Necklace, $11, Etsy; By Product Pizza Hat, $16, Buckle; Let's Rage Chill T-Shirt, $25, Rage On; Mens Cotton Casual Jogging Sport Trousers Zipper Pocket Slim Fit Pencil Pants, $21, New Chic

You two can Netflix and Chill any day of the year. On Halloween, plan to head out as Netflix and Chill. It's as easy as wearing your favorite pair of joggers, staying true to the black and red color scheme, and maybe toting around a box of pizza the entire night (if it lasts).

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