Food Rations In The 'I'm A Celeb' Camp Are Even Scarier Than You Thought

Shutterstock / ITV

I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2018 is right around the corner. The line-up has been announced (celebs this year include Nick Knowles, Harry Redknapp and Fleur East), presenters Declan Donnelly and Holly Willoughby have flown into Australia and are all ready, and it's only a matter of days until we get going. But there are a number of questions we have every year about that show that seem to go unanswered. Do the celebrity cast members get secret food, for example? I've picked some of the most common questions about the show to reveal what really goes on when the cameras switch off...

Do the celebs get secret food?

It doesn't sound like it. Let's remember that whenever a contestant leaves the show and completes their exit interview live, about 90% of them mention they were surprised they didn't get extra secret food. So it seems legit.

Last year, The Mirror spoke to Medic Bob, trial boss Matt Wilkinson and others in the know about some insider secrets. They revealed that the contestants only get basic rations and have to win meals as we see; there's no secret snacks or in-between meals slipped in. Apparently they are allowed glucose drinks to keep them going, but that's really it.

“If you could see how much rice and beans they get per person, per day, I think you'd be quite shocked," said Medic Bob.

"The little bit of rice is quite tiny and the little bit of beans is quite tiny.”

How much do they get paid?

It depends. Things like how big the celebrity is and how keen they are to do it really comes into play here. Last year's winner Toff was actually paid the lowest out of all the celebrities, but because she was so popular, she was predicted to make up for her humble earnings following her exit from the show. It was also rumoured that she was super keen to be involved, so didn't take much persuading. A source told The Sun:

"She jumped at the chance to go into the jungle and producers didn’t need to throw much money at her."

Amir Khan on the other hand was paid out an impressive £300k, according to The Sun.

The winning contestant doesn't actually walk away with prize money, so it's really dependant on how much they've been able to negotiate as their appearance fee and work they secure after their appearance.


Where exactly is it set?

Obviously we know that I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is filmed in Australia, but whereabouts exactly? Well, the show takes place in Springbrook National Park, Murwillumbah, New South Wales. It has been here since the second series, but did initially start elsewhere near Cairns in Queensland during series one.

Where do the contestants go after being voted out?

After leaving the show, each eliminated contestant checks in at the Palazzo Versace Hotel on the Gold Coast. The hotel is a short drive from the camp they've been living in, and is drastically different. The epitome of luxury, the hotel has 200 rooms and 72 apartments, and is set by a beautiful beach.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2018 begins on 18 November at 9pm.