Do The Love Islanders Drink Alcohol? The Show's Rules Are Pretty Strict


Summer is the time of year everyone looks forward to. With days getting super long, new freckles appearing, beach trips, and of course a new season of Love Island. As season five is hitting our screens, looking at all of those lucky contestants lounging by the pool will make you totally crave a holiday. Long days filled with not only sunshine, but icy cold drinks to quench that thirst, without fear of work the next day. Summer isn't quite the same without a cold, crispy beer. But the question is, do the Love Island-ers drink alcohol?

Well, guys, of course they are! I mean, we've all seen them necking a few Proseccos before a coupling up. However, the amount of alcohol the contestants are allowed is tightly monitored by producers. As a matter of fact, previous contestants have actually complained about it.

Speaking to Heat back in 2017, former contestant Kady McDermott spilled the beans on the booze, or lack there of, situation on the show. During an interview with the magazine, she said:

"At night time we weren't allowed a lot of alcohol. During the first four or five days when we didn't know each other we had alcohol to break the ice, but then after that it was two glasses of wine a night. And we were sure it was watered down as well."

So yeah, despite the seemingly easy breezy holiday lifestyle they are living in the villa, the rules aren't all that easy breezy.


A spokesperson for ITV confirmed to Heart FM that they really are tight as a whistle when it comes to getting the bevs in:

"We provide our Islanders with all of the necessary precautionary measures and all alcohol consumption is strictly monitored by our production team."

Sounds like their time on the show might be one of the most tame trips any of them has ever had. Especially as they are monitored 24/7 with no exception. And like, not really allowed leave the house at all. OK so no drinks and being effectively under house arrest? Yikes.

Well I guess that the whole not-so-much-drinking thing makes sense as it seems, judging last year's lot compared to former years, those chosen are fairly health conscious. Especially when it comes to smoking, which it looks like nobody did. Well, y'all, look again. Because that was actually just a bit of camera trickery. In earlier seasons, it seemed as though all the contestants did was smoke. Which elicited a lot of negative press for the ITV show. Thing is, though, like in real life, a lot of the 'real' conversations were being had in the smoking area, which is why it seemed like they were all constantly chuffing fags. To remedy this, the crew now have a very strict, off-camera smoking area that is not only outside the villa but has a one person at a time rule. Yep, like a pub with serious noise pollution rules.


Having to date without being a bit squiffy makes me feel a bit bad for them despite their two-month-long holiday. Well, a bit bad.

Watch Love Island on ITV2 from June 3rd at 9 p.m.