Does Baby Groot Have Powers In 'Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol 2'? The Sapling Is Still Growing

If you're at all excited to catch Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2 this spring, you're probably doubly excited to spend time with the perfectly precious Baby Groot. Ever since the Guardian end credits, we've all been eager to have the cha-cha-ing little friend in our lives — although I have to wonder if he does anything more than dance and melt hearts. Does Baby Groot have any powers in Guardians 2? Inquiring minds need to know.

The thing is, nobody could deny the massive strength of the OG Groot. The sentient tree wasn't just powerful; he had serious regenerative abilities, and he could protectively morph and flower in the midst of a crisis. As we all tearfully remember, the fully grown Groot sacrificed himself at the end of the first film, literally cuddling his friends in his branches and signing off with a comforting "We are Groot." It would be all too much to handle if we didn't have the baby sapling rise from his ruins. Luckily, Baby Groot grew from the last remaining twig that Rocket had saved, helping revive the franchise for a second (and eventually third outing).

However, in terms of what Baby Groot contributes to the Guardians' dynamic... well, it's most a lot of laughs and "awws." Baby Groot hasn't reclaimed his original strength, and the only power he has is the power of extreme adorableness.


Which is fine. Realistically, the reason that the Guardians are keeping him around (beyond their obvious emotional tie to Groot, here's looking at you Rocket) is because they want him to blossom and grow into the fully-formed member again. That's going to take time, and I'm not above watching the transition.

So the bottom line is that, as far as Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2 goes, Baby Groot's role seems to be that of the Guardians' child, with Rocket especially parenting him along the way. And, of course, he's an essential part of the family, one that's bound to only bring joy to the gang (and the studio audience looking to snatch up some dancing Baby Groot toys after they get out of the theater). But he likely won't be branching around like he used to — at least not at this moment. It'll just be a lot of mischief and merrymaking and refusing to put on one's seat belt for now.