These Clues Suggest That Becca Is In For A HUGE Shock On 'The Bachelor'

ABC/Paul Hebert

Bachelor Nation is majorly on edge these days. It's now only a matter of days before the winner of The Bachelor is revealed. So, let's talk about Becca. She was a frontrunner from the beginning. She scored the first one-on-one date — and it was a pretty amazing evening filled with romance and gifts. She's also reeled fans in with her laid-back and personable attitude, and definitely seems like the kind of woman who is ready to settle down with Arie. Despite all of these seemingly good signs, not everyone is sure if Becca K. will win The Bachelor.

Some people have called out how Becca's time on the show has been edited and portrayed, with some suggesting that perhaps she hasn't been given enough time onscreen to single her out as a winner. "I was so out of sorts during the rose ceremony that it wasn't until the end that I realized Becca K. hadn't even been called yet! Like was there a reason for that?" wrote Reddit user yesx3000. "Most of the time, when a perceived front runner is called last, it's because of interactions with the lead during the episode. We saw none of that."

ABC/Paul Hebert

Despite the tone that Becca and Arie's first date struck, it didn't seem to carry through the rest of the season. Of course, Arie was also juggling a dozen or so other women at any given time up until the past couple weeks, so they can't be expected to have an earth-shattering moment every episode, and again, there's probably plenty of interactions that don't make it into the episodes. They also have shared plenty more time together onscreen in recent weeks as numbers have dwindled and he headed to her hometown to meet her family.

But there still hasn't been an obvious attempt to play up her screentime, which is what seems to be the issue here — if Becca is the one who comes out on top, wouldn't producers want to be featuring her even more heavily in these final few weeks? They have to keep viewers guessing, of course, but without that shared time onscreen, people may be left in the dark a little when it comes to the bond they share.

There is also some speculation that Becca is sent home based on Caroline's comments to Arie during the Women Tell All special on Sunday night. She's made it very clear that she's not happy with how Arie treated one of her friends, and she seems to be particularly close to Becca after their time on the show together.

Even if Becca doesn't end up with Arie after all is said and done, there are still people rallying behind her in plenty of other ways. The internet is abuzz with people who are pulling for her to be the next Bachelorette for a ton of reasons. She's got a team of adorable dogs too, making the possibility of a corgi cameo on The Bachelorette very likely, and that's something we can all get behind. She also just has a friendly vibe to her, and seems like someone viewers could fall in love with as she, herself, finds love, especially if she does end up behind sent home by Arie. "Becca K. also seems like a great friend to have," one Reddit user wrote in a thread where fans were discussing who from the show they'd want to be friends with in real life. "She seems so chill and easygoing."

Even if Arie ends up choosing Lauren or Kendall over Becca, she's got a ton of fans who are rooting for her, no matter what.