Bill Nye's Kids Would Get The Geekiest Dad Jokes

JP Yim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bill Nye will forever be known as the "Science Guy" and best buds with fellow super chill scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson, but lately he's been expanding his repertoire. Delightfully, Nye recently walked the runway during designer Nick Graham's menswear show, which was Mars-themed, and also narrated the show. He sported an amazing silver tux with a rocket ship print, and naturally, a signature bow tie. (Literal moon man Buzz Aldrin was also in the show.) Nye is also starring in an ad during the Super Bowl for Persil ProClean, directed by Elizabeth Banks. With all these roles on his resume, there's one that's unclear that people might want to know about: Bill Nye the Dad Guy. Does Bill Nye have kids?

It's actually pretty hard to say. According to a Google auto-fill answer and Yahoo! Answer, Nye is a dad to one daughter, Charity Nye. That said, there's nary a photo or bit of information about her anywhere, which is either because she's still super young, or because, well, there's misinformation out there.

According to Yahoo! Answers, Charity was born in 2003, and that's even young for a Kardashian to be in the spotlight. I'd want to keep my tween out of the spotlight though, too, though. I can only imagine the unending flow of science-themed dad jokes and would love to hear some.

Of course, the other option, because this info appears to only be available on Yahoo! Answers and the Google automatic answer, is that there is some sort of internet mix-up and Charity Nye isn't actually Bill Nye's daughter. Bustle has reached out to a rep for Nye for comment on the situation, but has not yet received a response.

If Charity Nye is out there, we know that she's getting the best science education possible, which is extremely important in these troubling times we've found ourselves in