So, Chris Harrison Has A 'Bachelorette' Makeup Routine

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants definitely know a thing or two about beauty. But if you think the people that get handed the roses know the most, think again. Chris Harrison's makeup artist is sharing all of his beauty secrets, because why not. The host has been on the Bachelor and Bachelorette for 15 years know and definitely knows a thing or two. After you hear all his secret beauty tips and tricks, you're going to want to hand him all the roses.

Harrison has put in his fair share of time introducing contestants and narrating rose ceremonies, but through all that time one thing has stayed the same — his makeup artist. According to Refinery29, Gina Modica has been Harrison's beauty do-all ever since he started the show. Besides getting pampered behind-the-scenes and touch-ups between shots, Modica is the reason why Harrison looks just as good as the contestants.

Believe it or not, the key might just be to sit back and let the professionals do their thing. Who knew? Modica explains that Harrison is very low- maintenance in the makeup chair.

"I've been taking care of his face for almost 20 years now, so he has a lot of trust in me," Modica tells Refinery29. "In the makeup chair, he's extremely laid-back and just lets me do my job."

As far as products go, there aren't a lot needed to make this man look great. Oh, and — just for the record — Modica says that Harrison has never had any work done. This is all pure handsomeness, people!

"I don't use a lot of foundation on Chris — most of the time I just conceal a few places, tinted moisturizer, and lightly apply powder," Modica says in a press release.

As for the tan, that's all natural too. Well, sort of. When he's not getting some color on the golf course, there's one self tanner that does the trick, according to the makeup artist.

"I ask everyone that I work with not to tan their face because it's hard getting rid of that orange look with foundation," Modica says in a press release. "He golfs a lot, so his face is always getting color. The only one self-tanner I have found that has zero orange in the product that you can use that on your face, and it's called Spray Di Sole. It gives you lots of color. [sic]"

There you have it! The key to looking great is to trust you makeup artist and use a little self tanner. Sounds simple enough to me.