Why Hannah Might Not Get Her 'Bachelor' Fantasy Suite Date With Colton

Craig Sjodin/ABC/Craig Sjodin/ABC

Fantasy suite dates have been a huge point of contention this season on The Bachelor for a few reasons. Colton is a virgin, as the show has never let us forget, so there's been a lot more than the usual pressure put on the overnight stays. But after the chaos of the last episode, all focus has now shifted the general future of the show. One major question is whether or not Hannah gets a fantasy suite date. It sort of doesn't seem fair for her not to.

Let's quickly recap why this question even needs to be asked. Hannah was supposed to be the third woman to get an overnight date, after Tayshia and Cassie, in that order. But before Cassie embarked on the nighttime portion of her date with Colton, her father showed up and seriously made her question whether she was ready to get engaged after such a short time.

She talked about it with Colton, who told her that he was finally feeling the love and wanted to be with her. But Cassie was still unsure and left the show, leading an obviously distraught Colton to say that he was done and finally made the fence jump we've all been waiting for.

Meanwhile, Hannah is presumably blissfully unaware of this drama, still eagerly awaiting her turn to make some moves.

It... kind of feels like Hannah isn't getting a fantasy suite date. It would be absolutely bananas for Colton to continue on with this process as if he didn't just completely show his hand and confirm he wants to be with Cassie. And while it'd definitely be disappointing for her to miss out on extra time with Colton, does she really want to go through those motions when she knows he's going to be preoccupied with Cassie? I just don't see how it would make sense for either party.

Hannah and Colton have been all over each other all season, but the most recent episode really feels like it solidifies his desire to be with Cassie, and confirms that he isn't as interested in the other women. To continue on, especially if he was immediately physical with Hannah right after the Cassie blowup, would feel a little disingenuous.

We're truly in uncharted waters here — nothing quite like this has ever happened before. My best guess is that the finale is somehow pegged to Colton trying to win Cassie back, and letting Tayshia and Hannah down gently, probably before Hannah gets a chance to have an overnight date.

But anything could happen. Maybe Tayshia or Hannah makes an impassioned speech about why he should stay and give them a chance, and not go chasing after a woman who chose to leave. Maybe Cassie will voluntarily come back, which would surely be awkward but may ensure the season can continue as planned. And maybe Colton decides he's done altogether, and will be the first Bachelor in history to peace out early without making a decision.

There's no way for us to know, but one thing is for sure — The Bachelor finale is set up to be an episode no one can predict.