The New Movie 'It' Will Keep You At The Edge Of Your Seat

Warner Bros.

If you're a bit of scaredy-cat, here's some bad news for you: the only movie people are talking about right now is It, the terrifying new adaptation of Stephen King's bestselling book. Even if you don't plan on seeing the film, you can bet that Bill Skargsard's horrifying, murderous clown will pop up all over the news in September, so you might as well just face your fears and head to the theater. But beware, you'll definitely be freaked out, because not only is the movie itself scary, but what happens after the It credits is super frightening, too.

Although It doesn't have a real post-credits scene, it does have a small "gift" for fans at the very end. This comes in the form of Pennywise's laughter, which spookily and loudly rings out over the final credits. Honestly, it's creepier than any actual scene the filmmakers could've chosen to include, and chances are high that after hearing the voice, you'll leave the theater thoroughly scared and covered in goosebumps. This movie doesn't only want to keep you scared during its actual runtime — it wants you to go home, keep watch, and never, ever fall asleep again, apparently. Thanks, It.

And the best part about all of this? The movie is just the first in a planned duology based on King's acclaimed — and long — book. This means that despite the lack of a real post-credits scene, It will most definitely be back for a sequel, and the scares will continue over the next couple of years.

If that doesn't have you squeamish, you're a brave soul, because for most of us, the thought of Pennywise the clown returning to wreak more havoc is genuinely frightening.