Does Kenya Moore Have A New Boyfriend? The 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Star Has Some Relationship Advice

Charles Sykes/Bravo

Is Kenya Moore still provocative? She sure loves to get underneath her costars' skins, but she does have a limited number of tactics that she likes to use, and one of her favorites is a season-long relationship that can give her plenty of solo scenes on Real Housewives of Atlanta. And since breaking up with Matt for the last time in the middle of RHOA Season 9, does Kenya Moore have a new boyfriend? She certainly dropped a few hints to that end during the second part of the gargantuan four-part reunion, and if you're familiar with Kenya's tenure on the series, then you know exactly what to expect from that announcement. When asked about her breakup with Matt Jordan, Kenya responded that she's totally moved on, using an unnamed "new boyfriend" as an example of just how over it she is. It also provided a handy distractions to accusations that she had hired Matt as an actor to pretend he was in a tumultuous relationship with her. Whenever Kenya says that she's been dating someone new, there's always some kind of calculated move to let her fans know.

And, sure enough, during a midwinter trip to Cuba, Kenya posted an Instagram message on Valentine's Day underneath this photo of two silhouettes on the beach. Kenya writes: "To all my single sisters out there, know that you are loved. If you want a boyfriend, husband, man, partner, or someone to share your life with, know that they are out there. Focus on you and forget about all the people who tell you you can't get a man, keep a man, no one wants you... You are deserving of love. Don't let anyone make you believe you are not."

During the reunion, Kenya was asked why none of Matt's violent outbursts were a "last straw" prompting her to break up with him. And Cynthia, too, gets called out for having that sitdown with Matt where she gave him tips on how to get back together. Well, while Kenya may have let her relationship with Matt go on for a while while there were plenty of signs to suggest it wasn't a good match. But, according to TMZ, Kenya reportedly filed a restraining order against Matt Jordan in late March 2017, a few months before this reunion special aired, and likely around the time it was filmed.

TMZ reports, "The judge granted her the restraining order which requires Matt to stay 200 yards away from Kenya, and stop all harassing or intimidating behavior toward her or her family." This came after the couple briefly got back together after the season, including a "a nightmare vacation last year [2016] in Mexico [...] Matt kicked in a hotel door and threw her suitcase in the driveway."

Now, Kenya advises to anyone else who is in arelationship that has any signs like hers to get out as soon as possible, egreeing with comments from Kandi and Cynthia that, in retrospect, Matt's behavior steadily got more violent and there were several warning signs suggesting that he may eventually become violent towards her. Now, though, Kenya's definitely moved on, which is obvious because she's already at the point where she's openly hinting at a possible new boyfriend. There's no hints as to who that new mn might be — surely, when Season 10 of RHOA begins filming, there will be some hints about that as well —but for now, it's time to start analyzing Kenya's social media in order to find out more about the new man in her life.