Kim Kardashian’s Third Baby Could Be Her Last

by Stephanie Downs
Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's third child here, as Kardashian announced on her website, the power couple's going to be pretty busy chasing around their many tots. Does Kim Kardashian want more than three kids? Well, the reality star has spoken about the possibility of having more kids in the past.

It's entirely possible that she does want more than three children. Obviously, no one knows for sure whether or not she'll have another child after her third except Kardashian herself. But, a couple of interesting interviews have given indication that the star is open to having more than three kids. In an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in January 2014, Kardashian discussed the possibility following the birth of her first child, North West.

When host DeGeneres asked Kardashian, "Have you always wanted a child?" in reference to her newborn, she replied, "I always wanted about six." But, she also said that was before she experienced pregnancy for the first time. She noted that pregnancy wasn't easy for her, which could have an impact on how many kids she does end up having.

Kardashian's been open about how her issues during her two pregnancies led her and West to seek the help of a surrogate to welcome their third child. According to Entertainment Tonight, she said that she was unable to carry her third child and that "if I could do it myself I would have preferred that" in terms of another pregnancy. Due to her struggles with placenta accreta, as she described in C Magazine, it was too much of a risk for her to carry another child herself.

In another interview with DeGeneres in September 2014 — before she welcomed her son, Saint — the host asked Kardashian, "How many kids do you want to have?" The reality star said she'll "go for two". After she hilariously recounted trying to juggle looking after three kids (her sister Kourtney Kardashian's two kids, Mason and Penelope Disick, and North), she said she's not sure about having a bunch of kids.

She did go on to say that she loved having so many siblings growing up and that she'd possibly want three or four kids.

Although, this was in 2014 and it's quite possible that now that the fam has a third child, they're done having kids. On an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians in March 2017, Kardashian mentioned that she wanted one more child in addition to the two she and West already had. She told her family that, "I'm going to try and have one more baby. Isn't that exciting?" and explained that she would have to have surgery if she wanted to be pregnant again.

Of course, Kardashian and West are using a surrogate to have their third child because the pregnancy would be too high-risk. Since she did tell her family that she was willing to have one more child, it's possible that after they welcome their third via surrogate, they won't have more children.

But, Kardashian's husband may have a different view on how many children he wants. According to a source who spoke with People in June 2017, "He [West] would want a family of five or six if it was up to him." The source also said that the two have found the "perfect surrogate". Maybe if things went smoothly with their surrogate for their new baby (a girl, which Kardashian let slip in an interview with DeGeneres), they'll consider the process again in the future.

Since Kardashian hasn't spoken definitively about whether or not she's going to have a fourth child, it's really anyone's guess as to whether there will be yet another Kardashian kid to keep up with.