Does Lucious Have Amnesia On 'Empire'? He Doesn't Remember Anything After His Coma

Chuck Hodes/FOX

The Season 3 finale of Empire is over, and there is one heck of a cliffhanger to keep you on the edge of your seat until Season 4. Thanks to a bomb Andre planted, Lucious Lyon is fresh out of a coma, and he doesn’t remember anything about his family. Does Lucious have amnesia on Empire? Because he can’t recognize anyone or anything.

If you’ve been watching Empire like I’ve been watching Empire, you know that Andre has been plotting to kill his father forever. Like, ever. The May 24 season finale brings all of those plans to a head. Andre and Shine hook up with a bomb maker to blow Lucious into smithereens; Shine and Cookie assemble a plan to get Lucious out the door (she doesn’t know about the bomb, though); and everything is hunky dory. That is, of course, until all of this Leviticus stuff with Giuliana turns out to be a front. Really, Lucious did this whole Vegas deal as a way to promote When Cookie Met Lucious and to screw Giuliana out of the money that she stole from him so many years ago. What goes around comes around, I guess. Cookie and Lucious see a couple from their past — they are just normal doctors who just retired to travel the world together — and get inspired to do the same. Leave Empire Enterprises! Let’s travel! They hand the keys to the kingdom over to Andre, who can’t stop what he’s put in motion. He’s able to warn his parents about the blast, but Lucious is close to the explosion and he goes down, hard. Three months later, he’s in a coma, and when he wakes up, Lucious remembers zero about his family. Oh boy.


This show does this to us all the time, and still, I find myself tuning into Empire season after season. Le sigh. I’m hoping that one of two things is happening: the first is that Lucious was actually faking a coma so he could listen to everything his family was saying (old Lucious habits die hard), and the second is that the hot nurse played by Demi Moore is actually controlling his mind or something. That’s what I’m hoping for in Season 4, and I’ll have to wait until the fall to find out if Lucious really did lose his memory.