Does Nick Choose No One On 'The Bachelor'? His Relationship Status Is Still Up In The Air


Perhaps no one's capital "J" Journey to find love in Bachelor Nation has been rockier than Nick Viall's. After getting the heartbreaking runner-up slot on both Andi and Kaitlyn's Bachelorette seasons and making a pit stop on Bachelor In Paradise, the former software salesman is on his fourth shot at his happily ever after as ABC's current Bachelor. But, with the news that frontrunner Rachel Lindsay will be the franchise's first woman of color lead despite the fact that she's technically still competing for Nick's final rose, it's time to accept the very real possibility that Nick ends up alone. So, does Nick choose no one on The Bachelor?

It wouldn't be entirely unprecedented. Longtime fans will remember that 2007 Bachelor Brad Womack famously rejected both of his two finalists. He returned to the show for a second run in 2011 and eventually proposed to Emily Maynard, though the couple later split. But something tells me this is probably Nick's last stint in Bachelor Nation. He's already had his fair chance at finding a fiancée on screen, and at some point he's going to have to admit that finding true love on a reality show might not be for him. A crazy concept, I know.


In fact, we've already seen his doubts beginning to derail the process. In the Feb. 6 episode, he shockingly sent three women home before tearfully confessing that he wasn't sure he was on his way to finding love. Last Monday's episode revealed he decided to stick it out and see what happens — at least for now — but who Nick's heart is with is still very much in the air.

It hasn't helped that he's been maddeningly vague in every interview he's given. When E! News asked if he was in a relationship post-show, he gave this this non-specific gem: "Possibly maybe with someone, possibly not." He also said he could neither confirm or deny if he was engaged. Then, while on The Ellen Show, he said he was "maybe" in love, and during an interview on Bustle's Bachelor podcast Will You Accept This Podcast?, he simply said that the rest of the season is "unpredictable," he has "no regrets," and you'll probably cry. Thanks, Nick, that really clears things up.

His social media isn't any better. His Instagram is filled with mostly solo pics (maybe a bad sign?) and snapshots from the season, but Nick's been on the Bachelor franchise long enough to know how to keep spoilers quiet. The only hint that Nick doesn't end up single is that he's been vocal about sending people home the minute he no longer sees a future, so the fact that there are four women left seems hopeful. For now, I guess we'll just have to keep watching. Hey, at least it's entertaining.